Black Splat52 Pick-Up (1986)

"So long, Sport!"

52 Pick-Up - Harry Mitchell gets his revenge

Description: Roy Scheider as Harry Mitchell, a self-made businessman gives a final farewell to a blackmailer in the motion picture 52 Pick-Up (1986).

Harry Mitchell is a successful engineer/inventor. He has a nice car, a mistress and a wife that is running for city council. Suddenly into his life comes, a team of three men who decide to blackmail Harry with video tape of his extramarital affair.

But Harry is a hard nut to crack and he refuses to play ball so Alan Raimy (John Glover), the cocky leader of group threatens violence on the women in Harry's life, namely, his wife Barbara Mitchell (Ann-Margret) - whom Alan later rapes - and his mistress, Cini (Kelly Preston). Unbeknowst to Harry, Cini, a stripper/porn actress is Alan's property. He used Cini from the very start to blackmail Harry.

Things escalate when Raimy kidnaps Cini, shoots her five times in the chest with Harry's gun, films the entire thing and the show it to Harry to make a point that he better play ball or his wife is next. Raimy even sits Harry in the same bloody chair he used to kill Cini, leaving more than enough evidence to convict Harry of the crime. As Harry says, "They got an air tight case against me. I don't pay, they put me away."

"The best thing about Cini is that she not only lives her part, she dies it too" - Alan Raimy

But Harry doesn't have the kind of cash on hand that the blackmailers want and he shows Alan his accounting books to prove the point, In lieu of all of cash Raimy takes a down payment of $52,000 instead of the $105 grand (a year for life) that he asked for.

Meanwhile, Harry joins forces with his wife and sets the three men against each other. At one point, Raimy ties up loose ends by shooting his partner Bobby Shy (Clarence Williams III) in the heart. As he prepares to kill Bobby, Alan says, "Oh, I've got something to show you. Something that is gonna out!"

In the end, con man Alan Raimy thinks he has pulled off the the perfect blackmail scheme, and so he meets with Harry at the drop location, takes his ransom, as well as the keys to his Harry's silver Jaguar automobile.

As Alan enters the car, he turns on the radio and the car doors automatically lock. Suddenly, he hears a recording of Harry's voice proclaim, “Hi Alan, this is the first and the last 10 seconds of the rest of your life.” Alan shoots a hole in the window as he struggles to escape but the car explodes.

52-Pick-Up - Harry's Jaguar explodes

Glancing back with a splendid payback smirk on his face, Harry says, “So long, Sport.” Alan had derisively called Harry "Sport" throughout their negotiations.

Earlier in the film, Raimy leered at Harry’s wife and said, “She’s not bad. I wouldn't mind hurting her a little.” When Harry learned the identity of his blackmailer he paid him a visit. Raimy protested when Harry touched his face, and Harry replied, "There's something about your face that makes me want to slap the shit out of it!"

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