Black SplatThe Abbott and Costello Show (1952-1953)

"Ewwww! I’ll harm you!"

The Abbott and Costello Show - Stinky and residents at Field's Boardinghouse

Description: The wimpy threat of Stinky Davis (played by pudgy comedian Joe Besser), a bratty little kid dressed in a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit and sporting a huge lollipop who terrorized the tenants at Sidney Fields Hollywood Boarding House on the sitcom THE ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW/SYN/1951-53.

The Abbott and Costello Show - Lou Costello and Stinky Davis

Whenever Lou Costello tries to discipline the boy, Stinky daintily raises his hand and threatens him with the silly declaration “Ewwww! I’ll harm you!”

The Abbott and Costello Show  - The bothersome Stinky Davis harassess the boys

Lou Costello couldn't stand the petulant man-child and often just wanted to bust the simpering sissy in the mouth whenever Stinky got on his nerves.

Lou's signature catchphrases were: "Hey, Abbott!" and "I'm a b-a-a-a-d boy!"

Note: Stinky was also the school nickname of lawyer Crosby Caufield (Peter Krause) on the legal drama THE GREAT DEFENDER/FOX/1995. It seems he had bit of a problem with foot fungus.

In the neighborhood of wimpy insults like “Ewwww! I’ll harm you!” Robert Newton as Bill Walker in the movie Major Barbara (1941) comes in second with “You leave me alone or I’ll do you mischief” while addressing Major Barbara Undershaft of the Salvation Army.

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The Abbott and Costello Show - TV Series Title Credit

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