Black SplatAbove the Law (1988)

"You guys think you’re above the law. Well, you ain’t above mine."

"Above the Law" starring Steven Seagal

Description: Steven Seagal as Nico Toscani, a former Special Forces soldier turned Chicago policeman in the motion picture Above the Law (1988)

When Nico discovers a plot to kill a congressman, he is warned off by an old “Company” friend who is involved in the conspiracy. He tells Nico "You just made number four on the most wanted list," Nico replies, "I want to be Number One." Refusing to be part of the treachery, he says:

“Whenever you have a group of individuals beyond any investigations, who can manipulate the press, the judges, members of Congress—you are always going to have those who are above the law...Not one CIA agent has ever been accused, much less tried of any crime. You guys think you‘re above the law. Well, you’re not above mine.”

In the ensuing hours, Nico is captured and strapped to a chair. As one thug holds a wire around his neck to secure him, another one beats his face, spilling blood all over the place.

"Above the Law" starring Steven Seagal - Nico tied to a chair

Kurt Zagon (Henry Silva), a psychotic doctor, and old enemy of Nico from his Vietnam War days took delight in seeing Nico put in his place. Approaching with a needle, Zagon says, "I've used these little beauties many times to extract information, for the first time in my life, I'm gonna do it just for the fun."

"Above the Law" - starring Steven Seagal - Doctor with needle

Struggling, Nico spits, "Walk away, you dead piece of shit." The doctor sticks the needle into Nico's arm and injects the drug. Nico fights it efffects but then calms down. With Nico nice and docile, Zagon grabs a knife and taunts, "Toscani? Toscani? My sleeping beauty. You should have killed when you had the chance. You are too fucking dumb, you asshole."

Just then Nico kicks the doctor in the balls, breaks loose from his bindings and kills everyone in the room. He shoots two with a shot gun, and for the pièce de résistance , he yanks Zagon's arm backwards until the bone snaps loudly and the doctor screams in pain.

"Above the Law" starring Steven Seagal - Nico breaks arm

Nico Five. Bad guys Zero

"Above the Law" starring Steven Seagal - Nico's body count

Nico then alerts the authorities of the plan to kill the Congressman and saves the day.

Note: Taglines for the movie read: "He's a covert agent trained to survive in Vietnam. He has a master 6th degree belt in Aikido...and family in the Mafia. He's a cop with an attitude."

In the film The Siege (1998), Bruce Willis as General William Deveraux, says, “The CIA didn't know the Berlin Wall was falling until the bricks started hitting them in the face.”

"Above the Law" Movie Poster


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