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"FUCK that thing! Let’s fight it!"

Aliens - Dillon threatens to kill the alien

Description: Charles Dutton as Dillon, a convict in the science fiction film Alien 3 (1992).

In the film, Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) leaves planetoid LV-426 and returns to earth. onboard the warship Sulaco. It's passengers include: Newt, a frightened young girl and sole survivor of the terra-forming party, Corporal Darryl Hicks and Bishop, a damaged by still functioning android.

During the trip home, a fire in the cyrogenic compartment forces the ship to eject the crew to save their lives. Their escape pod crash lands on Firoina 161, a penal colony. occupied by a small number of all male prisoners sentenced for rape and murder. The convicts chose to stay on the penal colony after it was decommissioned.

The only support crew that remains is Warden Andrews (Brian Glover) and Clemons, a former prioner turned doctor ( Charles Dance). When Ripley is discovered alive in the escape pod, it is decided that for her own safety and the stabilty of the existing all-male community, that Ripley be restricted to the infirmary until a rescue ship arrives to transport her away from the penal colony.

While she waits to be rescued, Ripley arranges a funeral for the remains little Newt and Corporal Hicks who died in the crash. Bishop, the android is still functioning and soon alerts Ripley that an alien embryo was onboard the escape pod. That embryo had slithered away and attached itself to a small dog and then grown to a full size alien that begins to kill the residents of the penal colony.

"Let me see if I have this correct, Lieutenant - it's an 8-foot creature of some kind with acid for blood, and it arrived on your spaceship. It kills on sight, and is generally unpleasant. And of course, you expect me accept all this on your word."

When the alien finds Ripley, it sniffs her body but declines killing her. Grateful to be alive, but curious, Ripley scans her body with medical equipment from the crashed escape pod and learns that she is carrying an embryo of an alien queen.

Aliens 3 - Ripley and Alien

Refusing to allow it to be born, Ripley makes a deal with Dillon, the leader of the prisoners. If he promises to kills her, she will use her knowldge of the creatures and help Dillon kill the murderous alien.

To rally everyone on Fiorina 161 prison planet, Dillon barks,

“You're all going to die. The only question is how you check out. Do you wanna go on your feet? Or down on your fuckin’ knees...beggin’? Well I ain’t much for begging! Nobody ever gave me nothing! So I say FUCK that thing! Let’s fight it!”

To kill the alien, Ripley devises a plan to lure it into the foundry and kill it with molden lead. As the plan unfurls, the creature kills Dillon and the rest of the prisoners with the exception of Ripley, Aaron (Ralph Brown), the warden's assistant and inmate Morse (Danny Webb) who pours the molten lead over the creature.

But the creature's body withstands the heat of the molten lead and escapes the molding chamber. Thinking quickly, Brinkley sprays the creature's boiling body with water, and the resulting contact of hot and cold explodes the creature's form.

As Ripley kills the creature, a rescue party from Wayland-Yatani arrives to take custody of Ripley and the creature within her. One of her rescuers, Michael Bishop, a human designer informs Ripley that he created the Bishop android lookalikes and that he was there to retrieve the alien queen within her body. "Ripley think of all we could learn from it," he pleads. "It's a chance of a lifetime. You must let me have it. It's a magnificent specimen."

Aliens - Ripley falls into a furnace

To prevent the alien embryo from falling into Bishop's hands, Ripley sacrifices herself by jumping into a fiery furnace. As her body drops to its death, the alien embryo inside of her body bursts from her chest. Ripley grabs the fleeing creature and holds it close as both of them fall to their doom.

Bishop cries, "Noooo!!!" as he watches in deep disappointment his chances for creating a new and deadly bioweapon go up in smoke.

Note: Prisoner Aaron earned the nickname Aaron "85" after a couple of his fellow inmates discovered that his personnel files stated his IQ was "85."

When the alien creature kills Dillon by slashing open his gut, Dillon shouts, "Come on! That's all you've got? Is that all that you bite, motherfucker?"

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