Black SplatAngel's Dance (1999)

"When the time is in the head, one in the heart!"

Angel's Dance - Master assassin teaches wannabe hitman

Description: Jim Belushi as a master assassin gives advice to a novice hit man in the motion picture Angel’s Dance (1999).

Tony Greco (Kyle Chandler) is the friend of the nephew of a Chicago mobster. When Tony saves the life of the capo's nephew, his Uncle Vinnie (Joe Polito) offers Tony a chance to join the crime world as an assassin, although Tony is hesitant to accept the offer.

To train Tony, Vinnie sends him to L.A. to learn the killing trade from master assassin Stevie "The Rose" Rosellini (James Belushi), a cool Zen-like dude who wears short-sleeved Hawaiian shirts, eats veggie burgers and quotes Nietzsche.

"A veggie dog is like a target' You eat it too fast, you choke" - Stevie

After some phony hits using water pistols, The Master chooses a random victim out of the phone book named Angelica "Angel" Chaste (Sheryl Lee) as Tony's final exam and advises his student, “When the time is in the head, one in the heart, and if it’s clean she won’t feel a thing.”

“I believe in reincarnation. Death and dying is part of the journey, part of the path to enlightenment. The type of people I hit, hell, they’ll never achieve higher enlightenment in this life, anyway, so I just help ‘em along to the next.” - Stevie

Fortunately for Angel, she has what it takes to protect herself from the hit men. After all, when it comes to survival, there is only one choice to make: Kill or be killed. And in that department Angel turns out to be a natural.

Nick: Who the fuck is this girl, Bruce Lee?
Stevie: Nah, she's better than that. Chuck Norris.
Nick: What are you talking about?
Stevie: He's alive.

Initially, Tony's first shot misses his target and hits a bottle of pills that Angela was contemplating taking during her suicide attempt, but the gunfire shocks Angela back to reality and she runs for her life, goes undercover, reads up on firearms, dons a blond wig and begins to hunt her hunters.

Angel's Dance - Angel tracks down Tony

When Tony becomes infatuated with Angela, it falls to Stevie to conclude the contract. But first he has to get Angela, and that proves very, very hard indeed.

Note: The narration for Angel's Dance (1999) movie trailer follows:

"They call him 'The Rose.' To train a killer, you need a target. She's an innocent victim, whose not so innocent and nobody's victim. Angel's Dance...a woman with a gun is never an easy target."

Angel's Dance - Movie Poster

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