Black SplatAngels with Dirty Faces (1938)

"Nice day for a murder."

Description - Mean-spirited suggestion spoken by gangster Rocky Sullivan (James Cagney) to a mug named Mac Keefer (George Bancroft) in the motion picture Angels With Dirty Faces (1938).

Rocky Sullivan grew up tough on the means streets of New York City. His growing influence over the neighborhood kids - who idolize the thug - get the attention of local priest, Jerry Connelly (Pat O’Brien), Rocky’s former childhood friend.

After Rocky is arrested for murder and sentenced to death, Father Jerry asks Rocky to act afraid as he is dragged to the electric chair so the kids will reject Rocky’s deeds and lifestyle. Rocky refuses the request, but at the last minute he begins to cry and struggle (“crawl on his belly”) with the guards who took him to his doom. The next day, the newspaper headline read: ROCKY DIES YELLOW...KILLER COWARD AT END.

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