Black SplatBad Day at Black Rock (1955)

"You're a yellow, belly Jap lover!"

"Bad Day at Black Rock" starring Spencer Tracy

Description - Spoken by Ernest Borgnine as Coley Trimble in the motion picture Bad Day at Black Rock (1955).

In the film, Spencer Tracy plays John J. Macreedy, a WWII disabled veteran with an injured arm who travels to a tiny desert town of Black Rock to give a medal to the Japanese farmer named Kimoko (Kimoko’s dead son earned the medal in Italy saving the life of Tracy’s character).

Unfortunately, Macreedy discovers that town roughnecks murdered Kimoko. One of them, Coley Trimble angered at John for digging up skeletons in the town’s closet shouts, “You’re a yellow belly Jap Lover!” and “I’m half horse and half alligator. Mess with me, I’ll kick a lung out of you.”

When Coley attacks John, he defends himself with a well placed karate chop to the neck and a few other tosses and punches. Later, the leader of the conspiracy, Reno Smith (Robert Ryan) lures MacReedy into the desert to kill him. John thwarts the attempt by using a bomb made from rags and gasoline from a nearby jeep.

Note: The movie was based on the story “Bad Time at Hondo” by Howard Breslin.

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