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"DON'T call me babe!"

Barb Wire - Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire

Description: Pamela Lee Anderson as Barb Wire expresses her dissatisfaction with being called “Babe” in the motion picture Barb Wire (1996).

Barb Wire is the owner of the Hammerhead, a strip club in the city of Steel Harbor, the headquarters of the Resistance in the Post-Apocalyptic dystopian future of the 2010s.

When Barb is not running her club, she spends her time working as a bounty hunter and mercenary. Her mode of transportation is a bad-ass motorcycle.

"Barbara Kopetski died in the war. I'm Barb Wire."

There is no doubt that Barb Wire is a "Megababe" (who likes to wear sexy, tight-fitting leather outifits) but she treats those who use the word "Babe" with disdain. When a hoodlum, who pulls a knife on her, uses the sexist term, she pulls out her gun, says, "DON'T call me babe!" and then shoots him. Theimpact from the gunshots knock him out an upstairs window.

After her former lover Alex Hood (Temuera Morrison) appears in town, Barb, who tries to stay neutral when it comes to politics, decides to help smuggle a female scientist across the border who has information about a government cover up. Of course, the bad guys can't help but want a piece of Barb and her client and havoc ensues as they rush to cross the American border to safety.

Barb Wire - Motorcycle

Charlie: You don't have to buy me a drink, Axel. I'm tight with the management here. You've got a lot of nerve coming in here.
Axel: I had no choice. Where's Barb?
Charlie: I don't think talking to Barb's going to be such a good idea. She took what went on in Seattle a lot better then I did.
Axel: I need her help, Charlie. I need her to put me in touch with the local resistance.
Charlie: Haven't you heard? Barb's retired. Leave... now... before Barb sees you. There's no telling what she might do.
Axel: Too late.
Charlie: Three... two...
Axel: Hello, Barb.
Charlie: One! [Barb punches Axel in the face; Charlie laughs]

Barb Wire - Woman Tortured

Colonel Pryzer: Why don't we start again? From the beginning.
Woman: I told you. I told you everything I know. I told you.
  [Mind scan device reads her mind]
Colonel Pryzer: Citizen, I... uh, I abhor torture. But your words just don't match your thoughts. There are too many details you're just not sharing with us. Our little mind-reading device doesn't lie. Now, where's Dr Corrina Devonshire?
Woman: [moans] You'll never find her.
Colonel Pryzer: You're so beautiful. I'm sorry. [electrocutes her]

Barb Wire - Movie Poster

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