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"So many people to kill, so little time."

Batman 4 - Poison Ivy with Batman and Robin

Description: Uma Thurman as the deadly villain Poison Ivy in the motion picture Batman 4: Batman & Robin (1997).

Pamela Isley (aka "Poison Ivy") is a botanist who had a disagreement with her mad scientist employer Dr. Jason Woodrue (John Glover) over how to use a strength serum known as "Venom" formulated with funds from the Wayne Foundation laboratory in South America. Woodrue wanted to create an army of Venom-powered super soldiers. The venom serum had already been used to transform a weakling into a raging maniac called Bane (Robert "Jeep" Swenson).

When Pamela refuses to go along with Jason's plan to use the serum, he spills a load of toxins on her. Unfortunately, his plan to kill her fails and out of the wreckage Pamela morphs into a vegetable-like eco-terrorist known as Poison Ivy. Upon her resurrection, she wanders about the damaged laboratory and proclaims:

"I am Nature's arm. Her spirit. Her will. Hell, I am Mother Nature, and the time has come for plants to take back the world so rightfully ours! 'cause it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature....Hello, Jason. I think I've had a change of heart. Quite literally. The animal-plant toxins had a rather unique effect on me. They replaced my blood with aloe, my skin with chlorophyll, and filled my lips... with venom. Oh and Jason, one other thing. I probably should've mentioned this earlier. I'm poison." - Poison Ivy

Killing Dr. Jason Woodrue with a deadly kiss, Poison Ivy enlists Bane as her bodyguard and returns to the United States with a plan to turn all of Gotham City into a lush jungle.

Batman 4 - Mr. Freeze with his Freeze Ray

Soon after arriving in Gotham City Poison Ivy joins forces with Victor Fries, aka Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a research scientist turned super-criminal who must live in a diamond-powered subzero cryogenic suit to survive. He enjoys using a "freeze gun" that freezes its targets solid and spouting such phrases as:

  • “Let them eat Ice!”
  • "Alright everyone, chill!"
  • "The Ice Man cometh!"
  • "Their bones will turn to ice! Their blood will freeze in my hands!"
  • "Mercy? I'm afraid my condition has left me cold to your pleas of mercy."
  • "If I must suffer, humanity will suffer with me."
  • "I'm here to make your life a living hell. Prepare for a bitter harvest. Winter has come at last."
  • "If revenge is a dish best served cold, then put on your Sunday finest. It's time to feast!
  • "I will turn Gotham into an icy graveyard."
  • "You're not taking me to the cooler!"
  • "Allow me to break the ice. My name is Freeze. Learn it well. For it's the chilling sound of your doom."
  • "Freeze in hell, Batman!"

Although Mr. Freeze seems like a cold-heated guy, his heat beat warm for his wife, Nora Fries (Vandela Kirsebom) who suffers from a terminal illness ailment known as MacGregor Syndrome. Victor went rouge and used his freeze powers to get enough money to continue his research to save his wife who was in cryogenic storage. But his cool "condition" makes him a bit of a megalomaniacal mental case.

To gain control of important men in Gotham City, Poison Ivy concocts an airborne love-dust whose pheromones place any man who encounters it under her command. One whiff and her male victims would do anything for her. It was this love-dust that caused billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne, aka Batman (George Clooney) and Dick Grayson, his ward, aka Robin (Chris O'Donnell) to be at odds with each other. Each desired Poison Ivy deeply.

Batman 4 - Batman, Batgirl and Robin

Luckily, Barbara Wilson, aka Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone), the niece of Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Gough), Wayne's trusted butler is immune to the Poison's Ivy's love-dust and she womps Ivy’s botanical butt. This leaves Batman, Robin and Batgirl free to take down Mr. Freeze and put him back to Arkham Asylum with Poison Ivy as his cellmate.

Although incarcerated, Bruce Wayne offered to fund Victor's research to find a cure for MacGregor's Syndrome. In appreciation for Wayne helping him to continue his research to find a cure for his wife, Victor gives Wayne an experimental vial of medicine that cures Alfred Pennyworth, who was in the first stages of MacGregor's Syndrome.

Batman thwarted Freeze’s plan, saying, “Hey, Freeze, the heat is on.”

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