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"There's No Niggers Allowed in There!"

Beverly Hills Cop - Axel Foley gets a room at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Description: Racist words spoken by Eddie Murphy as Detroit Detective Axel Foley in the box office hit Beverly Hills Cop (1984).

During his stay in L.A., Axel tries to scam his way into the posh Beverly Hills hotel by posing as a writer for Rolling Stone magazine. Casually approaching the check-in desk, Axel asks the young lady on duty to look for a reservation (which he never made). When the desk clerk can't find his reservation, Axel pulls out race card and begins to raise his voice:

“Don’t you think I realize what’s going on here, Miss? Who do you think I am, huh? Don’t you think I know that if I was some hotshot from out of town that pulled inside here and you guys made a reservation mistake, I’d be the first one to get a room and I’d be upstairs relaxing right now. But I’m not some hotshot from out of town, I’m a small reporter from Rolling Stone magazine that’s in town to do an exclusive interview with Michael Jackson that’s gonna be picked up by every major magazine in the country. I was gonna call the article ‘Michael Jackson Is Sitting On Top of the World,’ but now I think I might as well just call it ‘Michael Jackson Can Sit On Top of the World Just As Long As He Doesn’t Sit in the Beverly Palm Hotel ‘Cause There’s No Niggers Allowed in There!’

Of course, Axel gets his room (for $235 a night).

In the film, Axel Foley is a Detroit police detective who travels to California to investigate a murder of his best friend, Mikey Tandino (James Russo). Mikey was killed by a man named Zack (Jonathan Banks) while on a surprise visit to see Axel in Michigan.

When Axel arrives in Los Angeles, Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil (Ronny Cox) assigns Detective Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) and Sergeant John Taggart (John Ashton) - two white cops - to keep an eye on Axel while in their fair city. However, Axel doesn't appreciate being tailed, and so he goes out of his way to elude these two badge-bearing babysitters.

On one occasion, Axel disables their unmarked unit by sticking a banana up the car's exhaust tail pipe to prevent them from following him while he looked for clues to the murder case. Clues that lead to an art gallery where Axel finds his friend, Jenny Summers (Lisa Eilbacher).

Axel: Did you see that shit? I can describe all of em
Cop #1: Please move to the side of the car, and put your hands on the hood!
Axel: Why, what's with you guys?
Cop #2: You heard what he said, sir. Do it right now, please!
Axel: What kind of shit is this, man? Hold up, wait a second! You guys are arresting me for getting thrown out of a fucking window? I got thrown out of a window, man!
Cop #1: Gun, partner!
Cop #1: Sir, you are under arrest; you are to remain silent, anything you say CAN and will be used against you in a court of law! You have a right to have an attorney present during questioning...
Axel: Yeah, I understand, I understand the rights! I know this is bullshit, man... I got thrown out of a fucking window!
Cop #2: Please get in the car, sir!
Axel: Tell me, sir, what's the charge?
Cop #2: Po session of concealed weapons, and disturbing the peace!
Axel: Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window! What's the fucking charge for getting pushed out of a moving car, huh? Jaywalking? This is bullshit!

In the end, after a merry romp through a strip club and a buffet at the Harrow Club, Axel Foley, with the help of his two detective tagalongs, and his friend Jenny, solves the murder case and brings down Victor Mailland (Steven Berkoff) a drug dealer who used an art gallery as front for his illegal cocaine operation. It was Maitland who ordered Zack to kill Axel's friend, Mikey when he suspected him of stealing.

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