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Bewitched - Dick York as Darrin Stephens

Description: One of many names used by Endora the witch (Agnes Moorehead) to describe Darrin Stephens on the sitcom BEWITCHED/ABC/1964-72.

Endora hated the fact that her daughter Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) had lowered herself and married a mortal man, namely, advertising executive Darrin Stephens (Dick York/Dick Sargent).

Endora: Samantha, I will not stand here and be insulted by something which is 94 percent water.
Darrin: Oh, yeah! Well, what about something which is a hundred percent hot air?

In an effort to forget this fact or to just intentionally bother Darrin, Endora never pronounced Darrin’s name properly. She has called him Durwood, Darwin, Dagwood, Donald, Dennis, Dum-Dum, Dumbo, Derek, Darwood, Durweed, Darius, David and Dobbin (a term also used by his warlock father-in-law, Maurice).

Bewitched - Endora, Samantha and Darrin

Whenever Endora becomes disenchanted with her son-in-law, she places some kind of spell on him - many times a transformation spell. Over the years, poor Darrin was turned into various animals (e.g., werewolf) or inanimate objects, that is, until Samantha interceded and changed him back to his normal self.

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Note: When newlywed Darrin Stephens complained to a man at a local bar that his wife was a witch, the man responded, “You should meet MY wife!” Darrin, of course, is actually referring to the fact that he just discovered he got married to an honest to goodness, broom-carrying, cauldron-stirring witch named Samantha.

Bewitched Movie - Nicole Kidman, Shirley MacClaine and Will Ferrell

In 2005, the TV Series debuted as a movie remake starring Nicole Kidman in the role of Isabel Bigalow (Samantha) the Witch, Shirley MacClaine as Iris Smythson (Endora) the Witch and Will Ferrell as Jack Wyatt (Darrin). Like the TV series, Iris disliked Jack. Below is some dialog from the film.

Jack Wyatt: Endora, you rancid fruit bag, get out of my room.
Ritchie: Will you stop it? You're being the mayor of Pussytown!
Jack Wyatt: I don't want to be the mayor of Pussytown!
Ritchie: I want you to get out there and be the sheriff of Ballsville!
Nina: We have to make him quit. If we get naked pictures of him and pictures of farm animals, I could photoshop them.
Maria Kelly: That's an excellent idea!

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