Black SplatBeyond the Forest (1949)

"What a dump!"

Beyond the Forest - Bette Davis and Joseph Cotten

Description: Bette Davis as Rosa Moline critiques her home in the motion picture Beyond the Forest (1949)

Rosa Moline is unhappy. She wants more than her husband Dr. Louis Moline (Joseph Cotten) can provide. Indeed, she wants to leave the boring town of Loyalton, Wisconsin and travel to Chicago to be with the man she really loves, namely millionaire Industrialist Neil Latimer (David Brian). At point, Rose confesses, "If I don't get out of here I'll die. If I don't get out of here I hope I die and burn."

"Life in Loyalton is like sitting in the funeral parlor and waiting for the funeral to begin. No, it's like lying in a coffin and waiting for them to carry you out."

To get what she needs, Rosa embezzles the money and travels to Chicago. But Neil Latimer decides he is not interested in her and sends her packing back to Wisconsin where she reunites with her husband and soon after gets pregnant.

Beyond the Forest - Jenny and Rose Mioline

Jenny: Mrs. Moline, let's not start calling each other names. I got some fancy ones saved up just achin' to be used.
Rosa: You get out of this house! No red indian is gonna talk to me like that in my own house!

Unfortunately, for Rosa, Neil Latimer changes his mind and renews his interest with her, but he does not want her baby. To escape her predicament, Rosa throws herself off a hillside, hoping that the trauma from the fall will cause a miscarriage. It does, but for her efforts, she gets peritonitis and soon after dies, but not before enduring a very painful demise.

Moose: You're somethin' for the birds, Rosa, somethin' for the birds.
Rosa: And you're somethin' to make the corn grow tall!

Note: In the motion picture Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) based on Edward Albee's 1962 New York stage play, Elizabeth Taylor as Martha, says, "What a Dump" as she arrives home with her husband, George (Richard Burton) and then begins to emulate Bette Davis in an attempt to recall the title of the film. ("Hey, what's it from, for Christ sake!?")

Beyond the Forest - Movie Poster

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