Black SplatThe Big Score (1983)

"Well, you can kiss my ass!"

The Big Score - Prostitute talks with a cop

Description: Angry response to a not-so -ice statement given by a Chicago policeman in the motion picture The Big Score (1983).

As the film begins, Det. Frank Hooks (Fred Williamson) approaches a building when a blond prostitute (Katherine Welch) asks, “Say baby, lookin’ for some action?” When Frank responds, “I don’t think they got a needle big enough to kill the shit you got,” the insulted hooker yells, “Well, you can kiss my ass!”

Frank's an honest cop and can't stand corruption of any kind, so he is happy to arrest Goldie Jackson (Michael Dante), a local drug dealer. But as the police escort Jackson off to jail, he tells Frank, "Your wasting your time, Pig, you know that don’t ya? Shit, I’ll be back on the street before sunset.” Frank replies, “You’ll be back on the streets…face down, if you don’t get your butt in the car.”

Later, Frank loses his temper when he assaults Goldie Jackson in the presence of his lawyer who got his client released from jail in short order. Fed up with Franks antics, his Chief of Detecives (Jerome Landfield) tells Frank he must apologize. Hooks hates that suggestion, and shouts “You tell Jackson and his faggot lawyer to kiss my ass!”

When a suspected drug dealer named Cheech (James Spinks) sees Frank and runs away, Frank pursues, fires a warning shot and yells, “Hold it right there, Cheech, or the next one will be up your ass.”

During an interrogation, Cheech, squeals to save his skin and gives Frank information about a big, upcoming drug buy involving Goldie Jackson. Frank cuts a deal, but warns, “Okay Cheech, I’m gonna tell you somethin’ brother, the next time…I won’t shoot in the air.”

Later Frank shoots Goldie Jackson as he runs away from a big drug bust. When cops arrives to offer offer assistance, Frank shows his badge and tells the officers the dead man was a pusher. The cop replies “Not any more.”

The plot thickens when the million dollars from the big bust disappears and Frank is suspected of taking the money for his own. Consequently, Chicago PD Internal Affairs suspends Frank who spends the rest of the film proving his innocence.

Note: In the move The Fan (1996) the following conversation occurs:

Manny: Well, well, well, if it isn't Jewel, my favorite token female sports reporter!
Jewel Stern: Blow me, Manny!
Manny: Yeah, I would, but you haven't had all your shots, baby.

On the episode “Moon for the Misbegotten” (9/30/1987) on the medical drama ST. ELSEWHERE/NBC/1982-88, Dr. Donald Westphall (Ed Flanders) is frustrated with the new hospital owners, and so Dr. Westphall drops his pants, moons the new administrator Dr. John Gideon (Ronny Cox) and says his now classic put-down, “You can kiss my ass, Pal!“

Late night talk show host Arsenio Hall also took the opportunity to berate his bosses (his producers at Paramount Studios) on THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW/SYN/1989-94 when he told his employers to “Kiss my black ass!”

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