Black SplatBlacula (1972)

"You shall pay, black prince. I shall place a curse of suffering on you that will doom you to a living hell. I curse you with my name. You shall be... Blacula!"

Blacula - Dracula Curses an African Prince

Description: Charles Macaulay as Count Dracula places a curse on an African Prince (William Marshall) in the motion picture Blacula (1972).

In the year 1780, Prince Mamuwalde, the ruler of an African tribe and his wife, Luva visit Transylvania to see Count Dracula. Their mission: to elicit Dracula's help in the abolition of the slave trade. Enchanted with Luva, Dracula offers to buy the Prince's wife, but Mamuwalde refuses. Outraged, Dracula bites the Prince, locks him alive in a coffin and condemns him to an eternity of pain and suffering.

"You will be doomed to a living hell...a hunger...wild animal gnawing hunger! You will starve for an eternity!...You shall be Blacula, a living fiend doomed to never know that sweet blood which will become your only desire.”

Blacula - Blacula in his Coffin

Fast forward some two hundred years to Bobby McCoy (Ted Harris) and Billy Schaffer (Rick Metzler), two gay interior decorators who buy a coffin of an African prince and ship it back to Los Angeles The two men make the mistake of releasing the Black Prince of Darkness, who begins to satiate his hunger by feasting on the population of the City of Angels.

"Warm, young bodies will feed his hunger, and hot, fresh blood his awful thirst!"

While attending Bobby's funeral, Blacula sees Tina (Vonetta McGee) a woman who looks to be the reincarnation of Luva (whom Dracula entombed alive in a crpyt). Now, Prince Mamuwalde may no longer have a soul, but he does have a heart - a heart that yearns for his lost love - and so he pursues (stalks) Tina romantically.

The Prince, however, is not the only in hot pursuit. Enter Dr. Gordon Thomas (Thalmus Rasulala) a modern-day Van Helsing, who assists Lt. Peters (Gordon Rinsent) with his investigations of a string of murders committed by Blacula, who now has his own harem of ghoulish vampire vixens at his command.

Blacula - Blacula and his harem of Vampires

Waitress: Hi! What'll you have?
Blacula: Make it a Bloody Mary.

The film ends as Blacula is hunted down and cornered by the police. Unfortunately, Tina is shot and begins to die. To save her life, Blacula turns her into a vampire. But Blacula's attempt at saving Tina is for naught, when Tina's vampire body is killed by Lt. Peters. Grief stricken over having lost his love twice, an inconsolable Blacula walks into the sunlight and dissolves.

Blacula - Sunlight dissolves Blacula's body

Note: The move taglines for Blacula include such campy phrases as:

  • Blacula! - Dracula's Soul Brother!
  • He's black! He's beautiful! He's Blacula!
  • His bite was outta sight!

The Blacula franchise continues with the sequel Scream, Blacula, Scream (1973) starring Pam Grier as Lisa who is called a “skinny, jive-ass bitch” when the queen of a voodoo cult anoints Lisa successor instead of the woman's son (Richard Lawson).

Blacula - Movie Poster

Blacula - Movie Poster

Scream, Blacula, Scream - Movie Poster

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