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"Look, Scully. I got a picture to make here. I got twenty-five days to make it. I got no time to fuck around with a claustrophobic vampire who freezes every time he lays down in a coffin."

Body Double - Jake Scully with his director

Description: Dennis Franz as Rubin the director chastises his actor Jake Scully (Craig Wasson) for screwing up his production schedule in the motion picture Body Double (1984).

Jake Scully is an actor who is currently playing the role of a vampire in a B-movie. After he has an attack of claustrophobia while lying in a coffin on the set, he is told to leave by his director (Dennis Franz). When he arrives home, Jake finds his girlfriend with another man and realizes his relationship is over.

Body Double - Sam shows Jake his voyeuristic telescope

In search of a new place to live, Scully encounters fellow actor Sam Bouchard (Gregg Henry) who is house-sitting for a friend. Sam has to go out of town for a couple of weeks and could use someone to help with the house. Before Sam leaves the stylish Hollywood Hills abode, he gives Scully a tour of the place and points out an added benefit.

Body Double - Gloria Ravelle does her nightly dance

His sexy female neighbor Gloria Revelle (Deborah Shelton) is an exhibitionist who nightly performs an erotic dance at her window. Sam's telescope gives him a ring side seat for the event. Soon, Jake is obsessed with watching the woman.

Body Double - Jake kisses Gloria at the beach

One day, Jake follows Gloria to the beach, when a disfigured Native-American Indian, who had been stalking her, snatches her purse and runs away. In an heroic effort, Jake pursues the thief through a tunnel and retrieves the purse. But when Jake's claustrophobia kicks in, he freezes in the tunnel until Gloria Revelle appears to lead him into the sunlight. Before they depart, Jake and Gloria kiss and grope with romantic intentions, but then Gloria suddenly leaves.

Body Double - The murderer with a huge drill bit

Later, as Jake spies Gloria through the telescope, the same Indian who stole Gloria's purse breaks into her home and brutally murders her with a large drill bit that he repeatedly rams through her body. Sadly, Jake is not able to save the woman. Soon after, Jake is watching a TV porn channel and notices that the dance movements of the actress in the film are alarmingly similar to the murdered woman.

Detective: Come on, Scully. Tell the truth. You fucked her and you kept them for a souvenir.
Jake Scully: No.
Detective: No what, you didn't fuck her or keep her panties?
Jake: No to both of them.
Detective: Well maybe you're just a harmless panty sniffer.
Jake: Oh, you got a dirty mind.
Detective: Thats a laugh! You peep on her, you follow her, you fuck her, you keep her little panties as a memento and take a seat on the fifty yard line!
Jake: Thats not what happened! I tried to save her! [The coroners carry Gloria Revelle's body past them]
Detective: Some save, Scully. Some save. Remind me never to put my life in your hands.

To investigate his suspicions, Jake poses as an adult film director and tracks down porn actress Holly Body (the star of "Holly Does Hollywood"), whom he interviews for a job. Jake discovers that Sam Bouchard hired Holly to wear a wig and perform a nightly dance in Gloria Ravelle's home. She had no idea that she was giving Sam, who had disguised himself as an Indian, a perfect alibi.

Body Double - Porn actress Holly Body

"I get $2,000 a day. I do not do animal acts. I do not do S&M or any variations of that particular bent. No water sports either. I will not shave my pussy. No fist fucking, and absolutely no coming in my face." - Holly Body

When Sam Bouchard (still dressed as the Indian) realizes that Holly can identify him, he kidnaps the hitchhicking porn star in his Ford Bronco, and knocks her unconscious with a tire iron. As Jake pursues Sam, they struggle and Jake rips off his mask to reveal the true killer (Alexander Revelle, Gloria's husband). Unfortunately, Sam gets the upper hand and dumps Jake alive in a newly dug grave. As Sam shovels on the dirt, he confesses to the murder.

At first, Jake's fear of closed spaces condemns him to an untimely death, but he overcomes his claustrophobia and attacks Sam, who falls to his death with his viscious dog into Owens Aqueduct, that is adjacent to the grave.

In the end, Jake returns to the set and continues his role as a B-movie vampire with Holly Body watching in the wings.

Note: The movie trailer narration for the movie Body Double (1984) follows:

"He thought he was watching her, but she was watching him. He thought he was trespassing, but he was invited. He knew he had gone too far. He couldn't stop. He saw exactly what she wanted him to see. And what he saw was murder. Brian De Palma, the modern master of suspunse invites you to witness a seduction, a mystery, a murder. You can't believe everything you see."

In the film American Gigolo (1980) Julian (Richard Gere), a male Beverly Hills prostitute made these work conditions known: “I don’t do fags and I don’t do couples. I don’t do kink.”

And, in the film Leaving Las Vegas (1995) Elizabeth Shue as Sera the prostitute advises her lover, “You can fuck me in the ass. You can cum on my face. Just keep it out of my hair. I just washed it.” This line is probably an homage to Bette Davis who said, “I'd like to kiss you, but I just washed my hair” in the motion picture The Cabin in the Cotton (1932).

Body Double - Movie Poster

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