Black SplatBugsy (1991)

"Why don't you go outside and jerk yourself a soda."

Bugsy - Annette Bening as Virginia Hill and Warren Beatty as Bugsy Siegel

Description: Annette Bening as Hollywood starlet Virginia Hill who refuses mobster Bugsy Siegel (Warren Beatty) advances in the motion picture Bugsy (1991).

The film follows New York mobster Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel, a sharp-dressing womanizer with a bad temper. It's 1943 and Bugsy travels to Los Angeles while representing his criminal associates Meyer Lansky (Ben Kingsley) and Charlie "Lucky" Luciano (Bill Graham) who want to muscle their way in to the West Coast betting parlors controlled by Jack Dragna. Along the way, Bugsy meets and falls head over heals with actress Virginia Hill, a strong-willed woman who at first was not interested in the Siegel's extra-marital proposition.

“You’re so cheap, you’re wholesale” - Virginia Hill to “Bugsy” Siegel

When Bugsy first meets Virginia he is visiting a movie set to see his actor friend George Raft. As Bugsy tries to put the make on Ms. Hill, she tells him:

"My oh my, you're pretty ferocious for a mom's concern, aren't ya? The rest of the time you're just some good-looking, sweet-talking, charm-oozing, fuck-happy fellow with nothing to offer but some dialogue. Dialogue is cheap in Hollywood Ben... why don't you run outside and jerk yourself a soda."

Later in their relationship when Bugsy suspects Virginia of stealing money from his hotel, she says, "NOTHING! Not a cent! And I could've taken a LOT too! And you wouldn't have known the difference because you're an irresponsible, unrealistic, unreliable, undependable, philandering fuck!"

"Bugsy" Siegel: Joey, listen. I think you owe both of us an apology for the name that you called Virginia.
Joey Adonis: Yeah? Well, you can suck that apology right out of my dick.
"Bugsy" Siegel: Joey, what words to say. Put it out, then. All right, you know what? I'll pull mine out first. Watch. Here we go...
"Bugsy" Siegel: [unzips pants, then punches Joey in the face and beats him severely, then stops] Joey, can ya hear me? You're lucky I didn't have a lot to drink tonight. Your apology is accepted.

Besides his marital infidelities, Bugsy is infatuated with Hollywood and the entertainment industry. One day while visiting the then small town of Las Vegas, Nevada, Bugsy notices a run-down hotel casino called the Flamingo and sees potential in the place, a place that will be called "a hotel in the middle of the mojave desert, 500 miles from the nearest toilet bowl."

Inspired to create a gambling center in the middle of nowhere, Bugsy convinces his mobster friends to invest in his dream. Unfortunately, Bugsy never lived to see his dream blossom, because his mob friends killed him when their initial investments in the Flamingo Hotel were less than successful.

Note: In the film Mildred Pierce (1945) mother Mildred Pierce (Joan Crawford) tells her spoiled daughter, Veda (Ann Blyth), “I think I’m really seeing you for the first time in my life—and you’re cheap and horrible.”

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