Black SplatCadillac Man (1990)

"You know what you are? You’re an ass-half. It takes two of you to make an ass whole."

Cadillac Man starring Robin Williams

Description - Robin Williams as Joey O’Brien, a fast-talking, philandering car salesman in the motion picture Cadillac Man (1990).

Joey's life is filled with problems, the foremost being - if he doesn't sell at least a dozen cars by the time the big sale is over on Saturday, he's going to lose his job.

Cadillac Man starring Robin Williams - Funeral

Desperate to make a sale, Joey presents his business card to a mourning widow. Indignant, she asks, "Your're not trying to sell me a car.? Are You? At my husband's funeral? Before he's even in the ground? Are you?" Joey smiles, and says, "Yes." The woman rips his card into pieces, and says, "You sleaze. You are the scum of the earth."

"I know about you. Everytime I open my mouth it going to cost me money. I'll tell you what I want, and what I'm willing to pay. Think you can handle that, Pal?" (One of Joey's customers)

To add to his pressures, Joey owes money to the mob, his ex-wife is nagging him about not spending enough time with their teenage daughter, he's cheating with a married woman, and has a single mistress named Lila.

And Joey even becomes the target of a jealous husband who comes to Joey's place of business toting an automatic weapon and plastic explosives wanting to exact revenge on the man who is doing his wife, Donna, the dimwitted showroom receptionist.

When Joey tried to make a date with a coworker, she snubbed him, saying, "Oh, I’d like that, Joey, but I think I’d rather eat worms and die." Joey responded, “Hey, you know my worm doesn’t have a hook."

And when Joey's girlfriend, Lila (Lori Petty) discovers he's been running around with other women, she kicks him in the balls, and shouts, " You're a total shit, Joey and I hate you!"

Once, Joey told a guy not to lie to him, because he would end up “doing a little East River snorkeling.”

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