Black SplatCarnal Knowlege (1971)

"You want a job? I got a job for you—fix up this pigsty!"

Carnal Knowledge - Jonathan Shouts at Bobbi

Description: Jack Nicholson as Jonathan who’s pissed at his live-in lover, Bobbie (Ann-Margret) for not taking any initiative in the motion picture Carnal Knowledge (1971).

Jonathan is a middle age man whose had many lovers. Just like all the others in his life, they don't measure up to his standards. When his latest lover, Bobbi (Ann-Margret) brings up the subject of marriage, he gets upset and becomes extremely loud and extremely rude:

Bobbi: I want to get married. [Jonathan leaves the room then returns] Are you tired of me, Jonathan?
Jonathan: Am I ever.
Bobbi: You answered Yes
Jonathan: I didn't say, yes.
Bobbi: Yes said 'Am I ever'. I need more in life than this.
Jonathan: Who put you up to this? Your psychiatrist?
Bobbi: Johnathan, Do you want it over between us?
Jonathan: Why does it have to be one way or the other?
Bobbi: You don't want me to leave.
Jonathan: I want you right here where you belong.
Bobbi: What about you?
Jonathan: When I'm here. I'm here. When I'm not here, I'm.. I'm there.
Bobbi: Where?
Jonathan: Wherever!
Bobbi: Yes, I'm a maneater, a ballbuster, and castrater. I wanna get married.
Jonathan: Alright, where the fuck is my shoehorn. This place is a mess. There's not any food in the house. Half the time you look like you fell out of bed. You spend more time in bed that any other human being past the age of six months that I ever heard of.
Bobbi: The reason I sleep all day is 'cause I can't stand my life.
Jonathan: What life?
Bobbi: Sleeping all day!
Jonathan: That's the sort of thing I fall in love with you all over again....You're trying to kill me. Why now?
Bobbie: Because two years ago I slept eight hours, a year ago it was's up to fifteen. Pretty soon it's going to be twenty-four.
Johnathan What are you trying to do? Scare me?
Bobbi: I need a life.
Jonathan: Get a job!
Bobbi: I don't want a job! I want you!
Jonathan: I'm taken! By me! Get out of the house. Do something useful goddamit!
Bobbi: You wouldn't let me work when I wanted to.
Jonathan: That was a year ago.
Bobbi: You throw a tantrum everytime you call and I'm not home.
Jonathan: Look sister. I'm out there in the jungle, eight hours a day.
Bobbi: You wouldn't even let me canvas for Kennedy.
Jonathan: You want a job. I go t a job for you. Fix up this pigsty! You get a pretty goddamn salary for testing out this bed all day. You want another fifty a week? Try vacuuming. You want an extra hundred. Try making the bed. Try opening the windows! That’s why you can't hardly stand up in here. This goddamn place smells like a coffin. Oh Bobbi, you don't need me. Why do you let yourself in for this kind of abuse? Walk out. Leave me,. Please leave me. For God sakes, I'd almost marry you if you 'd leave me.
Bobbi: You call that abuse. You don't know what I'm used to. All your carrying on ...So what's it gonna be?
Jonathan: You sure know how to screw things up.
Bobbi: So where does that leave us.
Jonathan: Are you giving me an ulimatum? Is this an ultimatum? Anwwer me, you ballbusting, castrating, son of a cunt bitch. Is this an ulitmatum or not? Because, if it is, I'm gonna tell you what you can do with your ultimum. I'm gonna tell you what you can do with it. You can make this goddamn bed. That's what you can do with it!"

Soon after, Jonathan makes a deal with his Amherst College buddy, Sandy (Art Garfunkel) to swap partners. Sandy will get to sleep with Bobbi and Jonathan with Sandy's wife, Cindy (Cynthia O'Neal).

Unfortunately, the arrangement has one problem: Bobbie overdoses on pills and has to taken to the hospital. An angry Jonathan soon leaves Bobbi and begins searching for further feminine prey to conquer.

Note: A 1971 episode of the CBS TV series ALL IN THE FAMILY has Edith Bunker (Jean Stapleton) go to movies with her husband Archie (Carroll O'Connor) thinkiing they were to see a religious movie called "Cardinal Knowledge" that turns out to be Carnal Knowledge.

In law, the term "Carnal Knowledge" refers to the act of "sexual intercourse."

Carnal Knowledge - Movie Poster

Carnal Knowledge - Movie Poster

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