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"Hi! I’m Chucky, wanna play?"

Child's Play - Chucky, the Killer Doll

Description: Seemingly innocent invitation spoken by a battery operated doll in the horror film Child’s Play (1988).

After a young Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) receives a red-haired, freckled-faced ‘Good Guys’ doll (supposedly from Carson’s Department Store), the doll begins to talk to the boy and eventually causes the murder of the boy’s Aunt Maggie (Dinah Manoff).

Andy: Chucky says 'Aunt Maggie was a bitch and got what she deserved'.
Mom: Andy. How can you say something so horrible?
Andy: I didn't say it, Chucky did.

The police soon place Andy under observation for his fanciful claim that “Chucky did it!” Andy tells the grownups, "His real name is Charles Lee Ray and he's been sent down from Heaven by daddy to play with me."

Only when the boy’s mother Karen Barclay (Catherine Hicks) threatens to burn Chucky in the fireplace does it awaken, bite her arm and flee from her apartment.

Mom: I said talk to me, damn it. Or else I'll throw you in the fire.
Chucky: You stupid bitch! You filthy slut! I'll teach you to fuck with me!

The doll actually came from a burned out toy store where the spirit of a voodoo practicing serial strangler named Charles “Chucky” Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) transmigrated into a doll after a lightning bolt hit the store as the man was dying.

Now animated with revenge, the Chucky doll hunts down the police officer that killed him and then proceeds to possess the body of the young boy who first released him from his box. Andy tries to kill Chucky in a gas fireplace (“This is the end, friend”) but the charred doll still wreaks havoc until Mom shoots Chucky in the heart.

Note: Since you can’t keep a good psychotic killer down, Chucky’s killing spree continued in the sequels Child’s Play 2 (1990); Child’s Play 3 (1991) and Bride of Chucky (1998) wherein he mouths such memorable lines as “Don’t fuck with the Chuck”; and “Nothing like a strangulation to get the circulation going.

In the Stephen King film The Shining (1980) Danny Lloyd sees the ghosts of two murdered girls garbed in pretty blue dresses that invite him to, “Come play with us...forever...and ever...and ever.”

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