Black Splat Chisum (1970)

"Well I don't favor talking to vermin, but I'll talk to you just this once. You're not just getting started, the lines been drawn. What Billy did balanced the books so far. But if one of your men cross my land or even touch one of my cows or do anything to that store, I'm not going to the sheriff, the governor or the President of the United States. I'm coming to see you."

John Wayne as John Chisum in the western film CHISUM

Description: John Wayne as rancher John Simpson Chisum converses with businessman Lawrence Murphy (Forrest Tucker) in the western film Chisum (1970). When Murphy replies, "Mr. Chisum, that sounds like threat," Chisum punches Murphy in the face, and says, "Wrong word. Fact!"

John Chisum is an honest, straight-talking cattle baron and co-founder of the town of Lincoln County, New Mexico. Enter businessman Lawrence Murphy, who is buying up all the land in the territory, as well as all the businesses in town. He even controls the law. As Murphy told one of his cronies, "Around here, I'm the man who owns it.

To slow down Murphy's control of the town Chisum opens his own bank and general store run by Alex McSween (Andrew Prine), a former lawyer who originally came to town to work for Murphy, until he saw what kind of man he was.

Chisum and his men thwart an ambush of his wagons in the western movie CHISUM

Not happy with Chisum's interference, Murphy sends his men to attack the wagons bringing in provisions for the new general store. But Chisum learns of the threat on the wagons from a buffalo hunter named Pat Garrett (Glenn Corbett) and thwarts the attempt, as well as an earlier plan to rustle Chisum's cattle before he could sell them to the Army.

Fed up with Murphy's corruption, rancher Henry Tunstall, Chisum's bank partner decides to ride to Santa Fe to see Gov. Sam Axtell (Alan Baxter) for assistance, but Murphy directs sheriff Brady (Bruce Cabot) to send his deputies to stop Chisum's emissary. Intercepting Tunstall on the trail, the deputies accuse him of cattle rustling and then shot him dead when he protests.

This doesn't set well with William Bonney, aka Billie the Kid (Geoffrey Deuel), who worked for Tunstall and considered him a father figure. Billie then rides for vengeance under the Biblical mandate, "The candle of the wicked shall be put out" and kills the two deputies who had already been apprehended by Chisum and Pat Garrett, as well as the town sheriff.

Murphy: And you good people witnessed the cowardly and cold-blooded murder of our beloved Sheriff Brady by Billy "the Kid" Bonney right over there. Governor Axtell has appointed a new sheriff, Dan Nodeen. He's offered a $200 award for the kid, and I'm adding a further reward of $1,000, dead or alive. Sheriff here has formed his posse. Oh... Have you got anything you want to add to that, Sheriff?
Nodeen: Just this. I'm going to bring Bonney in. Now you people can either help me, or stay the hell out of my way!

Billie returns to town to steal dynamite to use on Murphy and his properties, but he is cornered in the general store by Sheriff Nodeen. As the bullets fly, the town is barracaded to keep Chisum and his men out.

When Sheriff Nodeen (Christopher George) kills Alex McSween who approached the sheriff under a flag of truce, McSween's wife (Lynda Day) asks for help and Chisum begins a battle that history would call "The Lincoln County War."

John Chisum (once called "meaner than a gut shot grizzly") shouts "Let's break out some Winchesters!" and then rounds up everybody that can ride a horse or pull a trigger.

Approaching the town, Chisum stampedes his cattle into the barracade and enters the town guns ablazing.

John Wayne as John Chisum defeats Murphy in the western movie CHISUM

Chisum finds Murphy, begins to beat him to a pulp in a fist fight. During the struggle, both men fall from a balcony and Murphy dies when he is impaled on a steer's horn. Seeing that Murphy is dead, Sheriff Nodeen escapes with Billy the Kid in hot pursuit.

With law and order restored, Pat Garrett accepts the job of town sheriff and settles down with Chisum's niece Sallie (Pamela McMyler) while John Chisum returns to watch over his homestead in the Pecos Valley.

CHISUM movie poster with John Wayne

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