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"When I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you."

Code of Silence - Eddie Cusack threatens a bad guy

Description: Chuck Norris as Eddie Cusack, a tough, honest Chicago cop who has to contend with warring factions of Mafia mobsters and Colombian drug dealers in the motion picture Code of Silence (1985).

"Chuck Norris lays down the law as the toughest cop in Chicago in his most dramatic film yet. Eddie Cusack is a good cop...having a bad day. With a murder to solve. A mob war to stop. An innocent girl to protect...The toughest cop in the world, just got tougher." - Movie Trailer

Det. Sgt. Eddie Cusack works for the Chicago Police Department. He is a good cop but sometimes he stretches/breaks the rules to get the job done.

During a sting operation, Eddie leads a raid on a drug den. Unfortunately, a rival gang gets there first, steals all the money and dope and leaves Cusack to clean up the mess of dead bodies.

When Colombian drug Lord Luis Comacho (Henry Silva) learns of the event he vows, "My brothers, I promise you blood for blood." This sets off a gang war between the Colombians and Italian mobster Tony Luna (Mike Genovese).

To get even with Luna, Comacho kidnap's his mafia princess daughter Diana (Molly Hagen). She has since distanced herself from her family’s illegal activities, but Comacho could care less. He wants revenge for being ripped off.

As Eddie enters a seedy pool hall looking for information, a guy says, "Hey, you don't want to be in here. Continuing to saunter into the room, Eddie replies, "If I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you." A fight ensues and Eddie kicks the crap out of all who attack him, until he is subdued. But Cusack lives to fight another day.

During a chance meeting, Comacho runs into Cusack, and says, “One day, I would like to give you a gift of a Colombian neck-tie. It's very special. You slit the throat, pull out the tongue and on you, [Comacho laughs], it would look beautiful." Unperturbed and ready for action, Cusack smirks, and says, "Why don't you give it to me right now?”

Code of Silence - Police arrest punk who tried to rob the bar

Meanwhile, when two street punks decide to rob a bar, they are surprised to find everyone in the place has a gun, and the guns are pointed at them. The morons had unknowingly stumbled upon police hangout. "Bring those pieces of shit over here...Cuff 'em and get 'em out of here," says Eddie Cusack's friend, Detective Dorado (Dennis Farina).

Code of Silence - Eddie Cusack out for revenge

In the end, Det. Cusack assaults a warehouse where an innocent girl (Diana) is being held hostage. Blowing open the entrance with a rocket, Eddie enters and destroys Luis Comacho and his evil minions.

Code of Silence - Police Prowler Unit

Of course, Eddie had a secret weapon, a high tech robotic vehicle ("Prowler") fitted with awesome fire power. Using rockets, and machine guns, the Prowler seeks out and kills any criminal offering resistance. In essence, a take no prisoners confrontation.

In the final throws of the battle, Cusack shoots Comacho, but in a rage, he grabs a hammer, intending kill Diana, but Cusack fires again and kills the criminal. Prior to the firefight, Tony Luna died in car chase instigated by Eddie Cusack. Luna had gone into hiding after Comacho massacred Luna's family members. He kidnapped Diana to lure Luna out of hiding.

Eddie makes his final stand without the assistance of fellow officers, because his brothers-in- blue boycotted Cusack because he broke their "code of silence" by telling the truth and testifying against a fellow cop who killed an unarmed teenager. The cop planted a gun to save his own skin.

Note: In the sci-fi film Freejack (1992, Jonathan Banks as Michelette tells Earnhart (Wilbur Fitzgerald), "When I want your opinion, I'll give it you."

Code of Silence - Movie Poster

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