Black SplatCoffy (1973)

"Get down on the floor where you belong you no good dirty nigger bitch!"

Coffy - Arturo Vitroni abuses Coffy

Description: Mobster Arturo Vitroni (Alan Arbus) abuses Coffy (Pam Grier) a woman out for revenge in the motion picture Foxy Brown (1974).

Coffy is a nurse at a local hospital and the devoted sister of 11-year-old Lubelle Coffin, When Lubelle is sold a tainted batch of heroin, she is hospitalized. Filled with hatred, Coffy goes undercover and kills the man who supplied the bad dope, along with his henchman, whom Coffy forces to take an overdose of the poison the has been dealing to the kids in town.

"This is the end of your rotten life, you motherfuckin' dope pusher!"

Soon after, Coffy's friend, Carter (William Elliott), an honest cop is beaten by local thugs when he refuses to play along and take a bribe. Further enraged, Coffy sets out to deliver vigilante justice to any drug dealers, pimps and mobsters that get in her way.

Next on her hit list is King George (Robert DoQui), a pimp who provides prostitutes and illegal narcotics in the city. To learn the location of King George's stash of drugs, Coffy roughs up a drug-addicted prostitute who used to date the drug pusher.

Coffy - Coffy Battles with Drug-Addicted Prostitute
Coffy: Now I'm gonna give you another slice to match the one you got from that dope-pushin' pimp, unless you tell me where he keeps the stuff!
Priscilla: No, please! He'll kill me! Ow... ALRIGHT, alright! He's got a fireplace! It's in a box under the ashes! [Priscilla's black lesbian lover/pimp returns] Harriet! Harriet!
Harriet: What the hell is going on here?
Priscilla: She busted in here tryin' to make me! Get her outta here!
Harriet: Come on, bitch! [Coffy fights Harriet then escapes] Lousy bitch! [turns to Priscilla] I go away for half an hour for you to turn a trick... and I come back and find you ballin' some niggah bitch! You WHITE TRAMP!

With the information she needs, Coffy poses as a Jamaican prostitute to gain the favor of King George, who finds her fascinating. He invites her to his home where Coffy locates his stash of heroin, discards it and replaces it with sugar. "Now Mr. King Dope Pusher," says Coffy, "you're gonna have a few irate customers pretty soon...sugar instead of smack!"

At a party that evening, one of George's prostitutes gets jealous when he pays to much attention to Coffy and starts a fight. Coffy handles herself well in the scufflle and impresses invited guest, Mafia Boss Arturo Vitroni who finds Coffy enticing and requests a session with the brown goddess.

Later, Vitroni welcomes Coffy into his hotel bedroom, but then he becomes brutal, bending back her wrists and saying, "Get down on the floor where you belong you no good dirty nigger bitch...Let me see you crawl over here, you black trash!" But Coffy has the last laugh when she pulls out a gun out of her macrame handbag and replies, "You want me to crawl, white mother fucker?"

Coffy - Coffy is ready to kill Vitroni

Startled, Arturo Vitroni asks, "What're you doing? Put that down." Coffy refuses and tell the mobster, "You want me to crawl? You want to spit on me and make me crawl? I'm gonna piss on your grave tomorrow." But before Coffy can get her revenge, Omar (Sid Haig), one of Vitroni's henchmen grabs the gun and punches Coffy in the face, knocking her to the floor.

Now captive, Coffy decides to lie and confesses that King George hired her to kill Arturo. Vitroni orders King George executed (dragged through the streets by a noose) which saves Coffy the trouble of killing that bastard. As Omar drags King George behind his Cadillac, he laughingly quips "This is the way we lynch niggers."

Coffy is then sentenced to death by a lethal injection of heroin, but Coffy knows that the heroin is actually just sugar, so she plays along, fakes her high and then kills her captor with a hairpin.

Coffy tracks down Vitroni to his home and as he relaxes in his swimming pool, she kills him with a shotgun blast, but not before saying, "That's a present for my little sister, and a nice cop named Carter."

Last on her list is Councilman Howard Brunswick (Booker Bradshaw), an aspiring politican whom Coffy loved until she discovered he had played ball with the same mobsters she wanted to kill. Howard had denied knowing Coffy when she was paraded before a group of mobsters and corrupt police officials.

As Howard told Coffy, "Black people want dope, and brown people want dope, and as long as there people are deprived of a decent life, they'll settle for anything to just plain feel good with." Howard tries to convince Coffy to see things his way, but Coffy can't and says "I can see plenty! I can see how every time a kid rips off a car or an appliance store to get a fix, you get your cut."

Coffy - Coffy Gets Her Final Revenge

Traveling to his home, Coffy wants to get even with Howard for his betrayal, but then she holds back her fury and chats with him.

Coffy: Hello Howard, come and sit down, I ain't mad at you.
Howard: Coffy baby, I knew they weren't really going to do it.
Coffy: Oh I ain't here because they didn't try, lover.
Howard: Well they would've done it anyway, no matter what I said, you know that don't you?
Coffy: Yeah I know, I told you I ain't mad.

Coffy wavered on killing Howard but then a naked white girl steps into the scene looking for him. "Coffy, Honey you got to understand," says Howard sheepishly, "I thought you was dead." With this final insult, Coffy fires her shotgun into Howard's groin then leaves his place for good.

Note: The movie tagline for Foxy Brown read: “Don’t mess around with Foxy Brown. She’s the meanest chick in town!’ She’s brown sugar and spice but if you don’t treat her right, she’ll put you on ice!”

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