Black SplatThe Colony (2013)

"Come and get it, mother fucker!"

The Colony - Mason sends attacking cannibals to hell

Description: Bill Paxton as Mason battles a horde of cannibals as they invade an underground bunker in the science fiction film The Colony (2013).

"The world froze a long time ago. So long ago that I can't remember the warmth of the sun. I heard the stories growing up...How the planet grew hotter as our fuel was burned. Til we made towers to work the weather. But the truth started to snow. And it never stopped." - Sam

It's the year 2045 and the people of earth are dead, with the exception of a few groups who found refuge beneath the surface. Two such groups are Colony 7 and Colony 5. The two facilities communicate via radio on a regular basis, but one day Colony 5 sends a distress signal and Briggs (Laurence Fishburne), the leader of Colony 7 organizes a search party to investigate, including Sam (Kevin Zegers) and Graydon (Atticus Dean Mitchell).

The Colony - Briggs investigates Colony 5

Arriving at Colony 5, Briggs discovers blood at an entry portal and a lone survivor of a massacre who shows Briggs a video transmission from a weather modification tower. Its residents had managed to get one of the weather towers to work and thawed a few miles of the earth. Their message included a plea for seeds to sow into the newly thawed earth so they can begin to grow food.

Before they can depart, however, Briggs come upon a group of cannibals feasting on the dead bodies of Colony 5 residents. Briggs dynamites the entry portal to prevent the cannibals from escaping and chasing them down and then takes refuge in a downed medivac helicopter until morning when they discover cannibals following their tracks in the snow.

With Gradyon dead, Briggs orders Sam to return to Colony 7 to get seeds and proceed to the Weather Station. Meanwhile, Briggs elects to take a stand on a deteriorated bridge that connects the roadway between the two colonies where he dynamnites the bridge, killing many of the attacking cannibals and leaving an gapping hole in the bridge that temporarily cuts off the cannibals access route to Sam and the other colonists.

Mason: Briggs is gone. I'm running things now.
Sam: When everyone's dead, huh? And you're King of the fucking castle, then what?
Mason: I'll still be running things.

Sam returns to Colony 7 and quickly warns his friends that the cannibals are coming, but Mason, a former veteran who was always challenging Briggs authority takes control of the facility and refuses to prepare for the approaching menace.

Before Briggs died, Mason had been appointed the group's executioner. Whenever someone became infected with a virus or were so sick or disabled they were a threat to the survival of the colony, he gave them two choices: a bullet or a long walk in the snow.

The Colony - Hungry cannibal

As Sam and Mason argue, the cannibals, having followed Sam's footprints back to Colony 7, begin banging and prying the outside doors to gain entrance. The cannibals break through and the colonists valiantly fight off the onslaught of ravenous creatures. Sam, Mason and Kai retreat to the vault where the others took refuge. Mason insists on taking a last stand, but Sam takes charge, breaks open a ventilation shaft cover and urges everyone to escape to the surface.

Before Sam leaves, he slides a loaded gun to Mason as the cannibals pound on the barricaded vault where Mason and the others are hiding. Mason picks up the gun, points it with deadly intent at Sam who reminds Mason he will need every bullet to defend himself. Then Sam slips into the ventilation shaft and departs the scene.

As Sam and the others scurry away, the cannibals break into the room. Pointing his gun to defend himself, Mason notices a tank of gas nearby. Mason fires his gun at the tank and explodes it, shouting "Come and get it, mother fucker!" The blast kills Mason and the other cannibals, with the exception of the head cannibal who ducks into the ventilation shaft where he comes upon Sam.

The Colony - Sam slices and dices a cannibal

After a violent struggle, Sam grabs a large cutting blade, pushes it into the cannibal's head, presses down hard and cuts his skull in two. Sam then catches up with the rest of the survivors who fled to safety outside.

As the colonists depart the scene of the carnage, columns of dark smoke rise into the air as their former home is consumed by flames. Their destination is now the Weather Station and "eight miles of blue sky" where they hope to restart civilization with the help of a bundle of seeds Sam rescued from Colony 7.

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