Black SplatCops and Robbersons (1994)

"Do you know what smoking does to you? It stunts your growth; it yellows your teeth and blackens your lungs. Is that what you want? To be a yellow-toothed midget with lung cancer?"

Cops and Robbersons - Norman's anti-smoking lecture

Description: Chevy Chase as Norman Robberson chastises his son, Kevin (Jason James Richter) for his bad habit in the motion picture Cops and Robbersons (1994). Kevin replies, "I'm keeping my options open."

"The cops came to Norman Robbersons for help. That was there first mistake.
Then they moved in. That was their second.
" - Movie Trailer

When the home of suburbanite Norman Robberson becomes police stakeout site for tough-as-nails "who hates everybody" Lt. Jake Stone (Jack Palance) and his young partner Tony Moore (David Barry Gray), Norman, a fan of TV shows can't help but get mixed up with the investigation. Stone has chosen the Robberson's home to surveil a dangerous criminal named Osborn (Robert Davi) who has moved in next-door.

Cops and Robbersons - Lt. Jake Stone and Partner on Stakeout

Stone soon realizes that choosing the Robbersons as a stakeout was not going to be such an easy assignment. But, within a short-time, the Robberson's begin to call Stone "Uncle Jake" and Jake leans to adapt to his surroundings, although with some difficulty.

The Robberson family consists of the patriarch, Norman Robberson, whom Stone quickly dubbs "an idiot"; mother Helen (Dianne Wiest), a model housekeeper who dislikes people who smoke, which Stone does profusely; nubile teenage daughter Cindy (Fay Masterson) who sleeps in the nude and develops a crush on Stone's partner, Tony; rebellious, mohawked leather-clad teenage son, Kevin who just doesn't relate to his father; and five-year-old son Billy (Miko Hughes) who sleeps in his toy box, thinks he's vampire and attacks Jake Stone to sucks the blood from his the cop's neck. Apologizing, Norman says, "I'm sorry my son bit your neck and tried to suck your blood." Holding a cloth to his neck, Stone simply replies, "It happens."

While on stakeout Jake finds time to fix the Robberson's broken toilet and even cut the front lawn. Meanwhile, Norman plays around with Stone's police badge and revolver and performs a lam "You talkin' to me?" rendition of De Niro from "Taxi Driver" as he looks in a mirror.

Cops and Robbersons - Norman plays cop

Lt. Jake Stone: You arrested a waiter?
Norman Robberson: Jake, he was rude.
Lt. Jake Stone: Norman, you can't arrest people for being rude. If you could, all of New York City would be on Death Row.

"Norman Robberson has his family, And he has his dreams. Detective Jake Stone is the toughest cop on the force with an attitude to match. But when a dangerous criminal moves next door, the cops have to move in with The Robbersons. Now the Robbersons are trying to adjust. The cops are learning new rules. And Norman is having his dream come true." - Movie Trailer

In the end, the Robbersons pull together to help bring down the bad guy and bust a car-theft ring. When the family is taken hostage, Mama Robberson grabs a shotgun and tells the offending criminal, "Drop that gun and don't make Mommy tell you twice." With the crooks captured, Cindy Robberson marries Detective Tony and Lt. Jake Stone becomes a close friend of the family.

Note: Other films featuring a stakeout at a private residence to watch or monitor a neighbor include the movies Stakeout (1987) and Another Stakeout (1993).

An example of a TV series using the same concept appears on Season 5, Episode 27, Aired Apr 20, 1966 of THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW called "The Man From UNCLE" when Harry Bond (Godfrey Cambridge), a federal agent with a toothache decides to use Ritchie's bedroom as a stakeout point for surveilling the home of Mr. Girard, to locate his nephew, a deported gambler, the Petries' neighbor across the street. Rob is captivated by the agent's gadgets and law enforcement lingo. At one point Rob calls the agent's binoculars "binos" and then takes a picture as Bond dozes off with the agent's infra-red camera.

Laura: “Well, how can he (Bond) spy with a bad tooth?”
Rob: “Honey, those guys are trained to spy with bamboo shoots under their fingernails.”

Cops and Robbersons - Movie Poster

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