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"Back off, Mister or these walls will be getting a free paint job!"

Crossroads - Eugene and Willie with a gun

Description: Joe Senaca as blues harmonica player Willie Brown waves a gun in the motion picture Crossroads (1986).

You've heard about the song that exclaims, "The Devil went down to Georgia, looking for a soul to steal?" Well, Willie "Blind Dog Fulton " Brown (Joe Senaca) went to the crossroads of the Mississippi Delta as a youth and made a deal with The Devil (Robert Judd) so he could be the best blues man in the land.

Of course, the Devil was delighted to take his soul, but years later, Willie, now living in
a minimum-security state prison hospital in Harlem is getting close to death and wants out of his deal.

Enter Long Island guitar prodigy Eugene 'Lightning Boy' Martone (Ralph Macchio), a classically trained musician from Julliard, who wants to recover legendary guitarist Robert Johnson's fabled "30th Song" of 1938 and be the first to record it. Johnson, too, sold his soul to The Devil to become a great blues musician.

"No, you AIN'T. You ain't even the beginning of a pimple on the "Late Great" Robert Johnson's ass! You might have a little bit of lightning in you, but you're missing everything else." - Willie Brown

Anyway, Willie promises Eugene that if he can bust him out of the hospital, he will travel down South and find the song that he seeks and, of course, share his knowledge of what it means to play the blues.

"The blues ain't nothin' but a good man feelin' bad, thinkin' 'bout the woman he once was with." - Willie Brown

Along the way, Eugene falls for a hitchhiking dancer named Frances (Jamie Gertz), has a run in with some rowdy locals and meets the Devil's assistant (Joe Morton) who offers Eugene a unique proposition. If Eugene Martone can defeat the Devil's Champion (Steve Vai) in a 'Guitar Duel' he will revoke Blind Dog's deal, but if Eugene loses, Old Scratch will claim both of their souls forever.

Crossroads - The Devil makes a deal

"Ain't got no chance Blind Dog. You SOLD your soul. You goin' down, all the way down. Hell hounds on your trail, boy, hell hounds on your trail." - The Devil's Aid

Eugene accepts the challenge, and says, "I don't believe any of this crap anyway!" Suddenly Eugene and Blind Dog find themselves in a dance hall, where demons and lost souls cavort to the sounds of satanically inspired music.

In the end, Eugene wins the guitar duel and sends The Devil and his minions packing back to the underworld.

Note: Another home improvement idea appeared in the motion picture Last Action Hero (1993) when Bridgette Wilson as Whitney shouts, “Lose the guns or I redecorate in brain-matter grey, got it?”

Crossroads - Movie Poster

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