Black SplatDamn Yankees (1958)

"You thief! You crook! You robbed me!"

Damn Yankees - Ray Walston as Mr. Applegate (The Devil)

Description: - The voice of Ray Walston as Mr. Applegate (The Devil) crying foul in the motion picture Damn Yankees (1958).

In the film, Joe Boyd (Robert Shafer) a frustrated Washington Senators fan innocently says he’d sell his soul if only their baseball club could get a good hitter to compete against the Yankees and win the division pennant.

Taking advantage of the moment, the Devil, in the guise of a man called Applegate, suddenly appears and transforms the middle-aged fan into a young baseball player (Tab Hunter as Joe Hardy) who becomes the Senators’ newest and best hitter.

While negotiating the deal, Joe Boyd mentions his wife. Irritated, Mr. Applegate grumbles, "Wives! They cause me more trouble than the Methodist church." In the end, despite Joe's concerns, he accepts the Devil's appelaing deal - a deal he will later regret.

Damn Yankees - Mr. Applegate and his Witch Assistant

Assisting Applegate is a witch who assumes the shape of Lola, (Gwen Verdon), a beautiful vixen to seduce Joe Hardy. When we first see the witch, she pops in on Applegate as he attends a baseball game. When Applegate reveals his plans to make the Senators lose the pennant, the delighted witch (Lola) declares, "Aw Chief, that's awfully good! When they lose there'll be suicides and heart attacks and apoplexy... just like the good old days!

Mr. Applegate: Have a nice trip?
Lola: Perfect. The plane crashed in Cleveland.
Mr. Applegate: Good. Now about that job in Chicago.
Lola: Just dandy. I got the old boy to embezzle 100,000 dollars and lost it for him at the race track. Then his wife left him and he took to drink. I told him I was through and he jumped out the window... twenty second story.
Mr. Applegate: That's high enough, that's fine.
Lola: I wanna try the Empire State Building on this next one.

Unfortunately, for the Devil, Joe finagles his way out of his contract and gets to return to his wife and children. The last words in the film are those of Applegate screaming:

“Listen to me, you wife-loving louse. You belong to me. You sold me your soul. You can’t run out on me like this. Ya thief. Ya crook. You robbed me. That’s what you did. You robbed me. You robbed me!”

Note: The stadium used in the film was actually, the old Wrigley Field minor-league park in South Los Angeles. The park was torn down in 1966.

Damn Yankees - Movie Poster

Damn Yankees - Movie Poster

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