Black SplatDance, Girl, Dance (1940)

"Go ahead and stare. I’m not ashamed. Go on, laugh, get your money’s worth. Nobody's going to hurt you..."

Dance, Girl, Dance - Judy O'Brien

Description: Maureen O’Hara as Judy O'Brien, a young burlesque dancer who gives the men in her audience a lecture that they won’t soon forget in the motion picture Dance, Girl Dance (1940).

Judy aspires to a ballerina, but first she must pay her dues by dancing in places that don't measure up to a grand theater filled with polite society.

One night, as she performs a ballet routine in a burlesque house, she has a wardrobe malfunction as a bit of chiffon trim on her dress begins to fall off. Judy continues to dance, trying to tuck the fabric away, but rowdy members of the audience begin to shout rude remarks.

At first, Judy decides to leave the stage, but when someone yells, "Oh!, She's going home to Momma," Judy returns to the stage. As another man says, "What are you gonna do now, cry?" Judy, unperturbed, defiantly addresses the not-so-polite audience:

Dance, Girl, Dance - Judy O'Brien addresses the audience

"Go ahead and stare. I’m not ashamed. Go on, laugh, get your money’s worth. Nobody's going to hurt you. I know you want me to tear my clothes off so's you can look your fifty cents worth. Fifty cents for the privilege of staring at a girl the way your wives won’t let you. What do you suppose we think of you up here with your silly smirks your mother would be ashamed of? We know it's a thing of the moment for the dress suits to come and laugh at us, too. We’d laugh right back at the lot of you, only we’re paid to let you sit there and roll your eyes and make screaming clever remarks. What’s it for? So's you can go home and strut before your wives and sweethearts and play at being the stronger sex for a minute!...I’m sure they see through you just like we do!"

Dance, Girl, Dance - The audience applauds Judy O'Brien

When Judy finishes her criticism of the audience, a woman in the crowd stands up and applauds her efforts. Momentarily, the entire audience gives Judy a round of applause.

When Judy returns back stage, Bubbles, a fellow dancer (Lucille Ball) slaps her in the face, saying, "Crowding my action, you jealous little pig!" Bubbles then goes on stage to capture some of the limelight, but an angry Judy follows and shoves her in the back.

Soon, Judy and Bubbles are wrestling on stage, providing the audience with a ring side seat to their cat fight, that is, until the curtain falls.

Dance, Girl, Dance - Cat fight on stage

Dance, Girl, Dance - Movie Poster

Dance, Girl, Dance - Movie Poster

Dance-Girl, Dance - Movie Title Credit

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