Black SplatThe Dancing Outlaw (1991)

"And I took the butcher knife and put it up to her neck. I said if you want to live to see tomorrow, you better start fryin’ them eggs a little bit better than what you a fryin’ em—I’m tired of eatin’ sloppy, slimy eggs!"

The Dancing Outlaw -  Jesco White

Description: Tap-dancer Jesco White educates his cook about proper food presentation skills in a flashback sequence from the documentary short The Dancing Outlaw (1991) produced for West Virginia’s public TV “Different Drummer” series.

The documentary follows the life of Boone County West Virginia resident, Jesco White, the son of D. Ray White who aspired to become a famous mountain dancer like his father.

"Jesse can be three people: He is Jesse, he is Jesco, and he is Elvis. Jesse is the most beautiful man that I could've ever loved. But Jesco, he, - he's somebody else. He's the devil in hisself. Uh, nothing satisfies him - he can't be happy....he feels no pain, he doesn't care about anybody, and the more people he can hurt the happier he is." - Norma Jean White

The Dancing Outlaw - Title Card

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