Black SplatDark Shadows (TV Series 1991)

"I curse you, Barnabas! For all eternity, I curse you!"

Dark Shadows - Lysette Anthony as Angelique the Witch

Description: Eternal damnation wished upon Barnabas Collins (Ben Cross) by evil witch Angelique (Lysette Anthony) on the fantasy drama DARK SHADOWS/NBC/1991.

When Barnabas declared his love for Josette Dupres (Joanna Going), Angelique casts a love spell to pair Josette with Barnabas’ brother Jeremiah Collins thus keeping Barnabas free to marry her. After Barnabas discovered Angelique cast the love spell, he vows he will never love her. Angered, Angelique tries to stab Barnabas with a knife but in the ensuing struggle, she falls on the blade. Dying, she declares, “I curse you, Barnabas. For all eternity, I curse you.”

Soon after, Barnabas is bitten by a vampire who appears in the image of his love Josette. From the grave Angelique cries, “Your hell shall take whatever shape I choose.”

Within a few days Barnabas dies, followed by Josette, who jumped off Widow’s Hill five days after her beloved Barnabas expired. Barnabas is resurrected 200 years later only to wander the lonely future pining over the loss of his love Josette.

NOTE: On the original daytime soap opera version of DARK SHADOWS/ABC/1966, Jonathan Frid played the role of Barnabas Collins and Lara Parker appeared as Angelique, the beautiful but wicked witch.

Dark Shadows - Lara Parker and Jonathan Frid

In 2012 Johnny Depp starred in a comic remake of the original Dark Shadows series. In this reboot of the franchise, Barnabas Collins (Depp) is resurrected from his grave two centuries later and returns to his ancestral home, where his uses his supernatural talents to help his dysfunctional family descendants.

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Dark Shadows - TV Series Title Credit

Dark Shadows - TV Series Title Credit - Remake

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