Black SplatThe Dead Pool (1988)

"You forgot your fortune cookie. It says, 'You're shit out of luck'."

"The Dirty Pool" starring Clint Eastwood

Description - Clint Eastwood as San Franciso police detective ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan forecasts the demise of a street hood right before he shoots him in the motion picture The Dead Pool (1988).

In the film, a group of armed thugs entered a Chinatown restaurant and begin to terrorize the customers as they look for money. When Harry observes a man thrown through the restaurant’s window, he yells to his partner to call for backup. Harry then enters the place from the rear and takes his place at a table. When one of the thugs appoaches, Harry asks, ”You forgot your fortune cookie.” Then, with one hand, Harry cracks open a cookie, pulls out a fortune and reads: “You’re shit out of luck.” As the thug points his gun, Harry reciprocates with a deadly blast from his trusty .44 Magnum revolver.

When Harry is assigned to investigate the death of rock singer Johnny Squares (Jim Carrey) during filming of a slasher film directed by Peter Swan (Liam Neeson), he learns about of an alleged "harmless" game called a "Dead Pool." When another celebrity on Swan's list, movie critic Molly Fisher is stabbed and killed in her condominium, Harry visits a funeral service to speak with Swan.

"The Dead Pool" Swan and Calahan speaking at the Funeral

Swan: Do you mind, gentlemen. I happen to be at a funeral.
Callahan: I'd like to talk to you about your list.
Swan: It's no big secret. Most of the cast and crew knew about it. I didn't tell you because the "Dead Pool" is just a harmless game.
Callahan: Sounds pretty sick to me.
Swan: Let me tell you something, Callahan. People...people are fascinated with death and violence. That's why my films make money. They are an escape. A vicarious release of fear. The same thing with this game. Nobody takes my films or the Dead Pool seriously.
Callahan: Well, someone gave Squares the drugs that killed him. Maybe it was you?
Swan: You can't tie me up with Johnny's death just because of a coincidence. My assistant and my effects supervisor were playing the game, too. Why don't you talk to them.
Callahan: Oh, we will. But nobody on their list is dead yet.
Swan: Hey look, Callahan, Johnny was a major drug user and I predicted he die this year, but that's all I did. Don't you get it. The whole idea is to pick celebrities who aren't going to make it, because they're old, because they're sick or they're in a high risk profession.
Callahan: Like police work?
Swan: Nothing personal, Love.
Callahan: I don't like your list, Swan. I don't like being on it.
Swan: Ahh, that's what this is really all about, isn't it? Well, if you've got a charge to make...
Callahan: Maybe, I'll start my own Dead Pool, and put you on it..
Swan: Are you threatening me?
Callahan: You want to play the game, you better know the rules, Love.

"The Dead Pool" - The 'Dead Pool' List

At the conclusion of the film, Harry learns the "Dead Pool" killer is Harlan Rook (David Hunt), a deranged fan of Peter Swan who thinks Swan has stolen his ideas. So, when Rook lures Channel 8 TV news reporter, Amanda Walker (Patricia Carlson) to a bogus Peter Swan interview, Harry comes to her rescue. Rook then threatens to slit Amanda' throat, so Harry surrenders his .44 Magnun revolver, but manages to elude Rook who chases him with a gun. Fortunately, Rook runs out of ammunition and it is Harry's turn to serve up justice on his own terms with a harpoon gun found on an nearby pier. Wow! Did that killer get the point, or what?

"The Dead Pool" -Dirty Harry holds a Harpoon Gun

"The Dead Pool" Movie Poster

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