Black SplatDead Reckoning (1947)

"You killed him, why lie?”

Dead Reckoning - Humphrey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott

Description: Humphrey Bogart as tough WWII veteran Captain Rip Murdock accuses Coral "Dusty" Chandler (Lizabeth Scott) of killing her former lover and his wartime buddy Johnny Drake (William Prince) in the film noir motion picture Dead Reckoning (1947). His entire accusation reads:

"Go ahead, put Christmas in your eyes and keep your voice low. Tell me about paradise and all the things I’m missing. I haven’t had a good laugh since before Johnny was murdered...I’m not the type that tears do anything to...Maybe the trouble is my name isn’t Johnny and I never taught college anywhere. Like looking at a doll cry and taking the rap for a murder she you think I fell for a murder she committed...Do you think I fell for that fancy tripe you gave me? It’s not a new story, baby...You killed him, Why lie?"

Dead Reckoning - Bogart and Lizabeth Scott in car

Earlier, in the film Rip and Coral are riding in a car and Rip shares his feelings about women:

“You know, the trouble with women is they ask too many questions. They spend all their time just being beautiful. You know, I’ve been thinking. Women ought to come capsule-size, about four inches high. When a man goes out for an evening, he just puts her in his pocket and takes her along with him, and that way, he knows exactly where she is. When he gets to his favorite restaurant, he puts her on the table and lets her run among the coffee cups while he swaps a few lies with his pals. And when he wants her full sized and beautiful he just waves his hand and she becomes full-sized and beautiful...And if she starts to interrupt, he just shrinks her back to pocket-size and puts her away.”

At the film's conclusion, Rip learns that Coral was actually married to a club owner named Martinelli (Morris Carnovsky) who killed her husband and framed Drake (burned to death in a car accident) so Coral would inherit her husband's Gulf City estate.

After Martinelli gets shot in a trap meant for Murdock, Rip escapes with Coral in a car. Coral pulls a gun on Rip and demands the "incriminating" gun used in the murder. Rip refuses then revved the engine and warned Coral that if she shoots him, they both will die. Coral shoots Rip and the car goes out of control and hits a tree. Rip survives, but Coral is terminally injured. As she lay in the hospital, Coral tells Rip that she wishes that he could put her in his pocket. Then she closes her eyes and dies.

"Dead Reckoning" starring Humphrey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott

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