Black SplatDeliverance (1972)

"Squeal like a pig! Weeeeeeee!"

Deliverance - Backwoods degenerate molests Bobby

Description: Indecent proposal of perverted hillbilly in the motion picture Deliverance (1972) about four Atlanta businessmen whose weekend canoe trip down the Cahulawasee River turns into a nightmarish fight for survival.

Deliverance - Canoe trip down the Cahulawasee river

Pulling their canoe to the side of the river, two city dudes, Ed Gentry (Jon Voight) and Bobby Trippe (Ned Beatty) are confronted by a duo of backwoods hunters (played by Billy McKinney & Herbert “Cowboy” Coward).

Deliverance - Two perverted woodsman threaten harm

At gunpoint, the men force Ed and Bobby into the woods (“What we, uh, ‘re-quire’ is that you get your goddamn asses up in them woods”).

Deliverance  - Ed tied to a tree

While Ed is tied to the tree, Bobby is forced to strip his clothes. One woodsman (McKinney) grabs at Bobby’s body, molests him, and says, “You look just like a hog,” and tells him to “Squeal like a pig. Weeeeee!"

Deliverance - Bobby raped in the woods

Finishing with Bobby, he approaches Ed collared to the tree, undoes the belt around his neck and prepares to assist his toothless partner in further molestation.

Deliverance - The men oversee the slain woodsman

Luckily, Lewis Medlock (Burt Reynolds) one of the other four campers arrives, pulls out his bow and shoots Bobby’s attacker through the back with a well placed arrow. As the toothless man retreats to the cover of the woods, the campers vote (three to one) to bury the evidence and move on.

Resuming their river odyssey, Drew (Ronny Cox)—the only one who objected to keeping the killing a secret—is shot by a sniper (Coward) lurking atop the rock face along the river.

Deliverance - Ed stalks the surviving woodsman

With Drew dead, and Lewis’ body battered and broken by the rapids, Ed climbs the rock face and dispatches the sniper with an arrow. The three survivors weigh down the woodsman's body and friend Drew with stones and sink them in the river and then they bid a fond farewell after a few well-chosen words to a suspicious local sheriff (played by James Dickey, who wrote the book “Deliverance”). With the dam filling the valley, the bodies of those men killed will be forever lost...or will they?

"Do know what's gonna be here? Right here? A lake. As far as the eyes can see. Hundreds of feet deep. HUNDREDS of feet deep. Did you ever look out over a lake and think of somethin' buried underneath it? Buried underneath it. Well man, that's just about as buried as you can get." - Lewis Medlock

Deliverance - Movie Poster

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