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"You ain't nothing but a chickenshit pussy asshole who lives on the misery and suffering of others. And when it comes for you, you'll be crying like a baby."

Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection - McCoy shares his opinion with Ramon Cota

Description: Chuck Norris as Colonel Scott McCoy offers his opinion to Ramon Cota (Billy Drago) a despicable South American drug lord in the motion picture Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990).

Colonel McCoy is a Special Forces expert in the employ of the United States of America. His latest mission involves capturing Ramon Cota and bringing him to justice. Unfortunately, Cota easily post bail and escapes. McCoy's partner Major Bobby Chavez (Paul Perri) expresses his anger to Cota while leaving the courtroom. To send a message, Cota kills Chavez's pregnant wife and thirteen-year-old brother. Seeking vengeance, Bobby attempts to kill Cota, but instead, he is killed savagely at Cota's hand.

Later, a group of DEA agents invade Cota's world, but they are captured, held hostage and sentenced to die. To their rescue is Colonel Scott McCoy who leads a brigade of skydiving commandos to extract the hostages and exact violent revenge upon Cota and his criminal empire.

Before the mission, General Taylor (John P. Ryan) briefs McCoy about his Colombian contact: "Let me tell you about your contact. Cota killed her husband in front of her, then he killed her baby and used the corpse to smuggle cocaine, then he raped her. I wouldn't mention any of this when you meet her, she's probably still a little touchy about it.” Colonel quips, "Probably."

During the initial invasion of Cota's compound Colonel McCoy is captured by Cota. Realizing McCoy is equal to his own visciousness, Cota says, "We could have been such a beautiful team."

Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection - Cota and McCoy have a little confrontation

McCoy stares Cota down and snarls, "Not on your best day. See, you ain't nothing but a chickenshit pussy asshole who lives on the misery and suffering of others. And when it comes for you, you'll be crying like a baby."

Of course, this is a Chuck Norris film so Colonel McCoy eventually gets the upper hand, captures Cota and brings him to ultimate justice.

In the final scene, Ramon Cota dangles from a rope tied to a helicopter. As he swings high above the ground, Cota tells McCoy to go ahead, pull him in, arrest him, but once he gets to court, he will walk free again at he did earlier. Cota then tells McCoy that he is going to have him killed, but suddenly the rope snaps. As Cota falls to his death, McCoy scoffs, "Not today, asshole!"

Note: The narration for the Delta Force 2 movie trailer reads as follows:

"DELTA FORCE 2...He rules an empire, a world of corruption and violence. His power crosses every border. But now, he's crossed the wrong man. Chuck Norris is back! And he's about to take the war on drugs to new heights...He's a gentle man, with a soft touch, a mean kick and his own special brand of diplomacy. Norris and the Force are Back!...DELTA FORCE 2"

In the first film, Delta Force (1986), after Major Scott McCoy takes out a Palestinian terrorist, he says,”Sleep tight, sucker.” The terrorist was part of a plot to hijack a 707 aircraft jetliner on its way from Athens to New York City.

Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection

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