Black SplatThe Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966)

"Buddy Sorrell-isms"

The Dick Van Dyke Show - Buddy Sorrell and Mel Cooley

Description: On the sitcom THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW/CBS/1961-66 comedy gag writer Buddy Sorrell (Morey Amsterdam) waged a running battle of wits with TV producer Mel Cooley (Richard Deacon).

A typical Mel put-down: “Somebody gave him a big mouth and he opened it before Christmas.”

Buddy’s favorite past time is cracking wise about Mel’s bald head. Once, when Mel was having a hard time dealing with a pushy quest star, he rushes into the writer’s office pleading, “I wish I could hide.” Buddy interjects, “Quick, grown some hair!” As Mel leaves, Buddy says, “There he goes, America's greatest emblem - the bald eagle.”

Another time, Buddy reports that Alan Brady threw a cigar at Mel’s head and burned out the whole forest. Adding insult to injury, Buddy says, “Hey, maybe we can get the government to replant.”

There were sometimes of the year, however, that Buddy swore off insults. As he says, “Never on a holiday!”

Note: Alan Brady (Carl Reiner), Mel’s boss is also bald. Once, Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore), the wife of Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke), the show’s head writer accidentally blurts out on a talk show that TV star Alan Brady wears a toupee. Angered that his secret is out to the American public, Alan asks Laura, “What do you suggest I do with all these toupees, now!” Laura timidly answers, “Well, Alan. There must be some needy bald person...” When Rob Petrei learned his wife had spilled the beans, he said, "Behind every successful man, there’s a woman with a big mouth!"

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