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"Never, ever, FUCK with an antiques dealer!"

Dracula 2000 - Simon slays a vampire

Description: Jonyy Lee Miller as Simon Sheppard (Jonny Lee Miller) the protégé of Matthew Van Helsing (Christopher Plummer) stabbing (and then beheading) a vampire in the motion picture Dracula 2000 (2000).

Mathew Van Helsing is an antiques dealer in London who has a secret. In the subterranean vault of his shop protected by an elaborate security system, rests a coffin, a silver coffin that contains the body of the one-and-only Dracula, who is actually the condemned spirit of Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus Christ.

Years ago, Van Helsing captured Dracula and encased him inside the coffin in a effort to keep his evil away from the world. But Dracula rises from the dead when the coffin is stolen by Van Helsing's secretary, Solina (Jennifer Esposito) who recruits her boyfriend, Marcus (Omar Epps) and fellow thieves to abscond with the rare artifact believing it is something of immense value.

Dracula 2000 - The Thieves Discover Dracula's Silver Coffin

Retrieving the coffin from the vault, the thieves place it aboard an airplane and fly to America. Along the way, one of the crooks cuts his finger, and the blood that drips from his hand falls on the coffin and reactivates Dracula's rotting corpse.

As Dracula kills the rest of the crew, the plane crashes in a Louisiana Swamp where Dracula and Solina, now his slave, go in search of Van Helsing's daughter Mary (Justine Waddell) who carries the blood of Dracula within her veins. Before her birth, her father had used samples of Dracula blood to prolong his life so he could watch over Dracula's body. Now sensing his own blood in Mary, who has since been haunted by nightmares of a man stalking her, Dracula hunts Mary down.

Dracula 2000 - Dracula confronts Mary Van Helsing

Meanwhile, Matthew Van Helsing reveals to his assistant Simon Sheppard that he is, indeed, the original Abraham Van Helsing of history. Van Helsing quickly educates Simon on the history of Dracula and how to kill vampires.

“If anything down here moves., shoot it! Do you understand? Shoot it in the heart or cut off its head. You understand. They are the Undead.”

An unbeliever at first, Simon joins Van Helsing and travels to New Orleans to save his daughter. Confronted with vampires newly sired by Dracula, Van Helsing is killed, but Mary with the assistance of Simon escapes to continue Abraham Van Helsing's fight to destroy Dracula and his minions.

Dracula 2000 - Three Brides of Dracula attack

Simon: What just happened in there?
Van Helsing: I told you to kill her! They can be killed by silver, by sunlight or by stakes. You must pierce their heart or behead them. They are nosferatu, vampires.
Simon: And you knew this? And-and-and you're all right with this?
Van Helsing: I had them destroyed, eradicated. All but one: my secret in the abbey. He is what they stole.
Simon: Who?
Van Helsing: Dracula. Dracula: not myth, nor ravings of a mad Irish novelist, oh no. He's real, I assure you.
Simon: This is the fucking Twilight Zone!

When Simon encounters Solina, she tires of his babbling, and says, "You Brits like to sweet-talk and you Brits like to romance, and all I wanna do is suck."

Dracula 2000- Dracula Meets A Fiery End

In the end, as Simon wards off three female vampires, Mary manages to coil a wire about Dracula’s neck, toss him off a building and lynch the legendary bloodsucker just as the sunrise bursts his body into flames.

As Dracula hung by his neck, he held Mary by one hand, but she slips from his grip and falls to the sidewalk below. At first thought dead, she miraculously revives due to the fact that she has the blood of Dracula flowing in her veins. Before Dracula dies, Mary proclaims, "I am Mary Van Helsing. I am my father's daughter. And nothing can ever take that away."

Two thousand years earlier, Judas (Dracula) tried to hang himself from a tree, but the rope snapped. As punishment for selling out his friend for thirty pieces of silver, he was cursed to walk the world forever like the old saying for those who betray their friends, "May you live forever." But Mary made sure that never happened.

Dracula 2000 - Movie Poster

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