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"Bite me, Pig!"

The Drew Carey Show - Mimi insults Drew

Description: Bitter retort of cosmetically-challenged secretary Mimi Bobeck (Kathy Kinney) on the situation comedy THE DREW CAREY SHOW/ABC/1995-2004.

“Bite me, Pig” is but one of many insults that Mimi hurls at her nemesis, co-worker Drew Carey. Other put-downs include: "Pig!," "Hey, Pig!" and "Bite me Dough Boy!" Mimi even altered Drew’s business cards to read: DREW CAREY THE PIG...THE OTHER WHITE MEAT.

Mimi Bobeck: Write down a number you think is fair... and shove it up your ass!
Mimi Bobeck: Your lips say goodbye, but your ass says, still here!
Mimi Bobeck: Ah, spring. When a young man's fancy turns my stomach.
Drew Carey: When was the last time you saw a young man's fancy?
Mimi Bobeck: When was the last time you saw YOUR fancy?
Mimi Bobeck: I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I have to do everything in threes. That's kinda how I got my reputation in school as a slut.
  [Drew learns his ex-girlfriend is getting married]
Mimi Bobeck: Drew, look into my eyes and tell me you don't feel like crying.
Drew Carey: There's not a man alive who could pass that test, Mimi.
  [after Drew grabs one of Mimi's trolls]
Mimi Bobeck: Hey! Don't touch the troll!
Drew Carey: Is that what your mother told your dates?
Mimi Bobeck: I have a fertility problem. The doctor told me to take fertility pills.
Drew Carey: How many more do you have to take, before you become a woman?
Mimi Bobeck: If I wasn't feeling so lady-like right now, I'd bitch slap you all the way to the coffee machine.
  The Drew Carey Show - Drew Carey and Mimi Bobeck
Mimi Bobeck: Your brother turned me inside out last night.
Drew Carey: How can you tell?
  [In a bar, Mr. Wick gives the check to Mimi]
Mimi Bobeck: A lady never pays!
Nigel Wick: A lady doesn't shave her armpits in the car, on the way over.
  [Nikki and Kate both married Drew at the same time]
Mimi Bobeck: And the award for the dumbest woman of all time goes to... Oh, my god. This almost never happens- IT'S A TIE!
  [Mimi fires Drew]
Mimi Bobeck: Security! Operation Luau! Come and get the PIG! This is not a drill!
Mimi Bobeck: Oh, and I booked a massage for you this afternoon.
Drew Carey: Wait a minute, you want me to believe that I'm going to lie down naked on a table and nothing's going to happen?
Mimi Bobeck: Does it ever?
Mimi Bobeck: They even sent a car for me.
Drew Carey: Oh, too bad it missed.
Mimi Bobeck: This prank brought to you by Mimi Bobeck. Bobeck: Humiliating pigs since 1995.

Note: Chuck (Kelly Perine), the stern but overzealous security guard working for Winford-Louder Department once warned a female customer "Don’t make me get medieval on your ass, ma’am”

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