Black SplatEach Dawn I Die (1939)

"I’ll skull-drag any rat or screw that gets in my way!"

Each Dawn i Die - Frank Ross in Prison

Description: - James Cagney as reporter Frank Ross framed for manslaughter and sent to prison in the motion picture Each Dawn I Die (1939).

Frustrated at the treatment he received while incarcerated, Frank yells:

“From now on, the rules are off! I’m gonna talk when I please and do what I like. I’m gonna be as mean and dirty and hard to handle as the worst con in the joint, and I’ll skull-drag any rat or screw that gets in my way, do you hear? Now, let me out of here, do you hear-you muddle-headed copper!”

Frank continued:

“When I first came here I believed in justice. I believed that someday, I’d be released. then I began to figure in weeks and months and now I hate the whole world and everybody in it for lettin’ me in for this. Buried in a black, filthy hole because I was a good citizen. Because I worked my head off to expose crime. And now I’m a convict! I act like a convict, smell like a convict! I think and hate like a convict! But I’ll get out! I’ll get out, if I have to kill every screw in the joint.”

When Frank is asked a question by his parole board (who refused his request for a parole) he responds, “I’d have plenty to say if I could think of anything scummy enough to call you.”

Even Cagney’s girlfriend Joyce Conover (Jane Bryon) got into the act when she calls double-crosser Hood Stacey (George Raft), “a blind, stupid, selfish, contemptible, tinhorn crook.”

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