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"Paul, at the store, can you buy another frying pan? I’m a little squeamish about using the one we use to kill people."

Eating Raoul - Paul and Mary Woronov

Description: Mary Woronov as Mary Bland in the horror comedy film Eating Raoul (1982).

Mary Bland, a nurse and her husband, Paul (Paul Bartel), a wine dealer aspire to open a restaurant in Los Angeles, but they are short of funds. Then, one day, Paul comes home and finds a man molesting his wife. Coming to the rescue, Paul picks up a frying pan and hits the man over the head, killing him.

The man, one of many bachelor swingers in their apartment complex, had entered their home under the mistaken assumption that Mary was a swinger, but the only swinging the man found was the iron object swung at his head that bludgeoned him to death.

Eating Raoul - Paul finds money in wallet

After killing the man, Paul drinks some whiskey to calm his nerves, and says, "Mary, I just killed a man. To which, Mary replies, "He was a man. Now he's just a bag of garbage."

Eating Raoul - Mary bags the body

Although the death of the man is tragic, it offers the Woronov's a solution to their money problems. For inside the man's wallet they discover $600 dollars. Eureka! they've hit upon a perfect way to supplement their meager incomes—lure swingers to their apartment, hit them over the head and steal their money.

To prepare for their role as S&M/B&D swingers, Paul visits a local sex shop and loads up on appropriate paraphernalia suitable to their new lifestyle.

Salesman: Okay, your vibrators start at $10.95 and go up. We've got the Salami, Man-o'-War and... [pulls out huge vibrator] Alien.
Paul: Just give me the cheapest one.
Salesman: Wait a minute. There's nothing cheap about my store. You mean inexpensive don't you? [The salesman pokes Paul on shoulder with "Alien" vibrator]
Salesman: Isn't that what you meant?
Paul: [intimidated] Yes.
Salesman: That's what I thought you meant!...But I'm telling you - you're gonna need a lubricant for this vibrator. Unless your date's inflatable. Ha!
Paul: For your information, I'm buying this to use as a novelty cocktail stirrer!
Salesman: [shouts] Sure!
Salesman: Le Orgy Gel comes in lemon, mint, cherry or trail mix.
Paul: Trail mix?
Salesman: I was making a joke.

To dispose of their bodies, they engage the services of a cat burglar named Raoul Mendoza (Robert Beltran) who accidentally stumbles about their homicidal hobby while breaking into their apartment.

The Waronov's make Raoul a partner who agrees to sell the corpses to a dog food company. Meanwhile, Raoul makes a side line of selling the victim's car and not sharing the profits with his partners.

After a few more murders, Mary asks Paul to go to the store and buy a new frying pan, because she is squeamish about cooking on the same pan that kills people. Paul obliges, but before he returns, one of their swingers (Ed Begley, Jr.) arrives and tries to rape Mary. Raoul rescues Mary, strangles the man and soon she and Raoul are smoking pot and making love.

Eating Raoul - Raoul strangles the intruder

Raoul, who is now in love with Mary, tries to run Paul over with a car, but fails. Paul, in turn, plots to get Raoul deported. Eventually, there is a showdown, but Mary decides to stay with her husband and kills Raoul with a frying pan. But suddenly, the couple realize that their real estate agent who has been helping them find a restaurant will soon arrive for dinner and they have nothing to serve. That's when Raoul becomes the necessary ingredient for the movie's title.

"It's amazing what you can do with a cheap piece of meat if you know how to treat it." - Paul

In the end, Paul and Mary open the restaurant of their dreams, which they name "Bon Appétit."

Note: The characters of Paul and Mary Bland have a cameo in the sci-fi/horror flick Chopping Mall, aka Killbots (1986).

Eating Raoul - Movie Poster

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