Black SplatThe Edge (1997)

"Today, I'm-a-gonna kill the motherfucker!"

The Edge - Charles Morse sets out to kill a bear

Description: Anthony Hopkins as Charles Morse promises to kill a bear that has been stalking the survivors of a plane crash in the motion picture The Edge (1997).

"Why is the rabbit unafraid? Because he's smarter than the panther." - Charles Morse

Charles Morse is a wealthy businessman and avid book reader who remember everything he reads, including his latest book "Lost in the Wilds: A Manual of Wilderness Survival" by D. Croyle. The information in the book, like how to start a fire with ice and season meat with gunpowder comes in handy when his plane crashes in a lake in the remote wilderness of Alaska. The crash kills the pilots, but Charles survives as well as Robert "Bob" Green (Alec Baldwin), a photographer, and his assistant, Stephen (Harold Perrineau).

The Edge - Plane hits flock of geese

During the flight, Charles was suspicious of Robert's relationship with his wife, and jokingly asks, "So how do you intend on killing me?" At that moment, the plane crashes into a flock of geese, and plummets into a lake.

Indeed, Robert Green is having an affair with Morse's wife, Mickey (Elle MacPherson), a famous fashion model who stayed behind at a private lodge while Robert and Charles took a trip by plane to find an Indian whom Bob wanted to photograph.

The Edge - Robert, Charles and Stephen swim to shore

But now, wet and freezing, Charles, Robert and Stephen swim to shore and stumble through the rugged wilderness and do their best to survive. Unfortunately, the woods are filled with dangers. One of which is a deadly Kodiak bear who sniffs out the plane crash survivors and starts to stalk them.

After the bear kills Stephen, Charles and Robert run for their lives. But Charles is a thinking man and he uses his wit and his encyclopedia knowledge to thwart the bear. In the end, Charles impales the bear with a makeshift spear and fulfills his promise: "Today, I'm a gonna kill the motherfucker!"

The Edge - Charles spears a Kodiak bear

Charles Morse: [after fighting the bear] For all my life, I've have wanted to do something that was, um, that was unequivocal.
Robert Green: Well, Charlie, I certainly think this qualifies.
Charles Morse: Or something.
Robert Green: See, Charles, that's why they call it personal growth. A month ago, old Smokey here would've reared up, you probably would've called your lawyer!
Charles Morse: Nah, I wouldn't do that to an animal.

Now with one enemy canceled, Charles must contend with Robert who wants to use this situation to kill him and get hold of his wealth and his woman.

After traveling North, Charles and Robert find a hunter's cabin containing supplies, a rifle and a canoe. While preparing to travel the river toward the lodge, Charles starts a fire using a receipt for the expensive watch his wife purchased for him before leaving on his trip. But before it burns Charles notices that his wife purchased two watches. The other watch was for Robert and the receipt contained an intimate message to be engraved on the watch. This evidence made it clear that his wife had been unfaithful and his suspicion that Robert was a threat was real.

The Edge - Robert attempts murder

The Edge - Robert implaed on spikes

Soon after, Robert tries to kill Charles with the rifle, but Charles maneuvers Robert toward a pit into which he falls and is injured. But Charles is not the kind of man to leave a wounded man behind and so he rescues Robert, places him in a canoe and wraps him in fur to keep him warm.

Robert: Hey, why would you save a piece of shit like me?
Charles: Well, let's say it's a challenge.
Robert: The sporting aspect of it, eh?
Charles: Yeah.
Robert: No, I know what it is. You never had a buddy. That's the thing, isn't it?
Charles: That's right.
Robert: Now I'm your pet project. I'm your hobbyfarm, hey Charles?
Charles: Yeah, whatever you say, Bob.
Robert: The guy who tried to kill you. That's terrific, Charles.
Charles: Nah, you wouldn't have done it.
Robert: Yes, I would have, you stupid son of a bitch! Yes, I would.
Charles: Well, would.

After sighting a smoke signal sent up by Charles along the shoreline, a passing helicopter comes to their rescue. Before it lands, Robert dies but not before telling Charles that his wife had no part in his murder plot.

As Charles is returned to the lodge, he exits the helicopter and is approached by news reporters who want to cover the story of his disappearance. Charles obliges but first hands his wife, Robert's watch as if to tell her he is now aware of her infidelity. When asked "Mr. Morse, what happened to your friends?...How did they die, sir?" Charles simply answers, "They died...saving my life."

The Edge - Movie Poster

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