Black SplatEl Norte (1983)

"You have to learn to talk like a Mexican."

"El Norte" - Don Ramon

Description - In the film El Norte (1983), a man named Don Ramon teaches Enrique Xuncax (David Villalpando) how to pass as a Mexican so he can successfully cross the border.

Enrique is a Mayan Indian peasant who fled from a Guatamalan Army massacre and hopes to travel thousands of miles North to Los Angeles to make a new life with his teenage sister, Rosa (Zaide Silvia Gutierrez)

Enrique: Don Ramon!
Ramon: So, you're still alive. I'm amazed.
Enrique: They didn't see me in the canyon.
Ramon: OK, let's talk.
Enrique: You know a lot about what goes on. I need your help.
Ramon: Your life's not worth a penny right now. They'll be back for you. Today...tomorrow...the next day. They'll hunt you down. You can't escape. Not a chance.
Enrique: Yes, I can. I'm going to the North. That's why I came. You've been know the trick of crossing the border.
Ramon: It's a long journey. You need money and even more luck than you had today. You need a lot of guts. And the protection of God ad His Saints. You'll have to go though. Here you'll only escape the turning into a flea. ...Remember, in Mexico you're illegal. If they catch you, they'll send you right back here. And that means death.
Enrique: Is being Mexican difficult?
Ramon: Use your head before they cut it off...OK, say something like a Mexican. Say 'It's very hot.'
Enrique: Well, it''s very hot.
Ramon: Oh my God, you won't get a mile past the border. Say, "It's a 'fucking' hot day." Mexicans are always saying 'fucking" this, "fucking" that. Five minutes without saying "fuck"...and they'll know you're not Mexican. If they ask you where you are from...say Oaxaca. Most people can't tell the difference. They think all Indians look alike.

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