Black SplatEnter the Dragon (1973)

"Ghettoes are the same all over the world. They stink."

Enter the Dragon - Jim Kelly as Williams

Description: Jim Kelly as Williams, a black marital artist from America comments on the Hong Kong harbor poor in the motion picture Enter the Dragon (1973).

"Roper, Williams and Lee. The deadly three penetrate the secret chambers of an evil island empire. A fortress without walls, protected by an invincible army that needs no ordinary weapons. This is 'Enter the Dragon'. The first martial arts picture produced by a major Hollywood studio. John Saxon is Roper. He was in it for the money. US Karate champion Jim Kelly as Williams. He was there because he had no choice. Black belt hall of fame, undisputed Martial Arts and International Film star Bruce Lee. His job was to get them out...alive. Roper Williams and Lee. Just when they think they have broken the secret of the island, they find there is no escape from the inscrutable Han. Warner Brothers presents, 'Enter the Dragon' where the world's greatest martial arts athletes meet the ultimate challenge, the most ancient and deadliest of weapons...the human body. 'Enter the Dragon' from Warner Brothers." - Movie Trailer

Williams, Roper and Lee receive invitations to an an exclusive martial arts tournament on a remote island in the China South Seas. Each man has his reasons for going.

As Williams was leaving for the event, a couple of racist white cops begin to hassle him. When he defends himself from their unwarranted behavior, he uses his martial arts to end the confrontation and steals their car. Now Williams is no longer welcome in his hometown and seeks the refuge of Han's island.

Enter the Dragon - John Saxon as Roper

Roper is a gambler and hustler. He is in debt and flees the mainland to avoid facing those to whom he owes money. Roper is a survivor and knows his best bet at this point in life is to seek his fortune elsewhere. He and Williams were army buddies in Vietnam.

Enter the Dragon - Bruce Lee as Lee

Lee is a renowned marital arts champion. He is approached in Hong Kong by British Intelligence to travel to Han's Island and find evidence to use against Han and thus give the authorities reason to raid his criminal empire. Han is a rouge monk who has brought dishonor to the Shaolin Temple. Lee has another reason for going. Oharra (Robert Wall), one of the participants at the tournament is responsible for the death of his sister, Su Lin. He and a gang of thugs hunted her down with the aim of molesting her. To save her honor, she grabs a sliver of glass and commits suicide. Although Lee's training frowns upon using violence for revenge sake, he forsakes his teachings and heads to Han's island to exact justice for his sister's death.

"Remember: the enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy." - Shaolin Monk

Roper, Williams and Lee arrive safely on the island where Mr. Han (Kien Shih), a criminal master mind (who allows no guns) throws an elaborate banquet where he showers his guests with wine, women and gifts to welcome the martial artists to the tournament.

Enter the Dragon - Roper and Williams

Over the next days, elimination competition begin to find the most talented and skilled martial artists. The winners will be invited to join Han's criminal opium empire.

Williams is repulsed at what Han is doing. He hates what drugs are doing to his black brothers back in America and refuses to play ball with Han. One of Han's vile activities is to steal girls, addict them to drugs and then sell them to a select clientele around the world. When Han suspects William of attacking his guards while spying on the facility one night, (It was actually Lee) Han meets with Williams to have a talk.

At first, Han compliments Williams for his fighting prowess, but warns, "It is defeat that you must prepare for." William replies, "I don't even waste my time with it. When it come I won't even notice...I'll be too busy looking gooood!"

As Han becomes confrontational, Williams says, "Suddenly I want to leave your island." Han forbids it, and William shouts, "Bullshit! Mr. Han-man" Seeing his exit blocked, Williams declares, "Man, you come right out of a comic book."

To escape, Williams battles Han's guards and defeats them, but Han who is a master fighter rises from his desk to kill Williams in a one-on-one fight to the death. Han has a secret weapon. His prosthetic left hand is made of heavy metal, so his blows are deadly.

Enter the Dragon - Roper reviews Han's prison

Soon after, Han gives Roper a tour of his underground compound, including jail cells filled with men whom Han calls "refuge found in waterfront bars." Han ends his tour by showing Roper William's dead body dangling over a pool of water to emphasize he will tolerate no disloyalty. Now Roper is a greedy guy, but he realizes he does not have (nor wants) what it takes to be the ruthless operative that Han needs. In the end, Roper refuses participation in Han's world. Han will later attempt to kill both Roper and Lee during the martial arts tournament.

Enter the Dragon - Lee fights Ohaara

Meanwhile, Lee is sent into the arena and comes face-to-face with his sister's killer. He shows the man no mercy and delivers and deadly blow to the man's fallen body by jumping in the air and crushing his opponent. Soon after, Lee breaks into the Han's radio room and sends a message to British Intelligence to attack the island.

Enter the Dragon - Lee and Roper surrounded by Han's men

In the end, Roper kills Han's top henchman, Bolo (Bolo Yeung) and join forces with Lee to battle Han's minions who seek to destroy them. Luckily, a female undercover agent planted on the island releases the incarcerated men and they rush to join Lee and Roper as the authorities approach the island to aid in the takeover of the compound.

Enter the Dragon - Han battles Lee

When Han sees his empire crumbling, he flees into a room of mirrors. Lee pursues and thus begins an epic hand-to hand martial arts fight. As Lee confronts Han, he says, "You have offended by family and you have offended the Shaolin temple. The fighting ends when Lee impales Han's body on the tip of a spear protruding from a door.

Enter the Dragon - Movie Poster

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