Black SplatEraser (1996)

"No one fucks with the union!"

Eraser - Union Boss Tony Two-Toes

Description: Union boss Tony Two-Toes (Joe Viterelli) expresses his dissatisfaction with a bunch of terrorists transporting arms - without the union’s permission - in the motion picture Erased (1996).

Tony Two-Toes is a union boss of Local 129 representing dock worker interests on the Baltimore Docks. His assistant is Mikey, who gets a bit too verbose for his own good on occasions.

One night, Tony is informed that there is unauthorized movement on a cargo vessel at Pier 57. Unauthorized meaning, that there were no "union" workers on hand to do the job, just a bunch of rouge agents. Tony doesn't like it when people break the rules. When he hears of the violation he says, "Say it ain't so."

When Tony calls the intruders “Those dirty commies!” his learned sidekick Mikey says, “They're not commies any more. They're a federation of independent liberated states.” Scowling, Tony Two-Toes says, “Don't make me hurt you, Mikey.”

Now the cargo ship in question is carrying EMP Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) prototype weapons, one thousand of which were being loaded onto a cargo ship by Russian terrorist Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky (Olek Krupa).

John: That weapon, it came from your company, right?
Lee: Yes. It's an EMP prototype, it's not even supposed to exist.
John: EMP?
Lee: Electro-Magnetic Pulse. No gunpowder, no conventional bullets. They fire caseless aluminum shells at nearly the speed of light.
John: You're talking about the rail gun?
Lee: [surprised] That's right.
John: The Navy has been working on those for years. But the smallest one I've ever seen is mounted on a battleship.
Lee: Cyrez was contracted to scale them down, design a man-portable version. The most powerful assault rifle on earth. They took millions, then said the physics were impossible.
John: It looked real enough to me.

The EMP rifles were manufactured by the Cyrez Corporation that provides weapons to the military. The corrupt CEO of Cyrez William Donahue (James Cromwell) sold the prototype weapons to Russian terrorists for $52 million, but when his underhanded dealings were discovered by Cyrex senior executive, Lee Cullen (Vanessa L. Williams), Donohue commits suicide rather than be arrested.

Eraser - Agent John Kruger protects Lee Cullen

Consequently, U.S. Marshal John Kruger (Arnold Schwarzenegger), code named "Eraser", who works for the Federal Witness Security Protection Program (WITSEC) is assigned to protect Lee Cullen until such time she can testify before Congress. Sadly, John's mentor, fellow U.S. Marshal Robert DeGuerin (James Caan) and Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper (Andy Romano) are implicated in the sale of the EMP weapons to hostile foreign powers. To get to Cullen, Deguerin frames John for murder and tries to kill Cullen to keep her quiet.

Eraser - John Kruger with EMP Rifles

As the EMP rifes are being loaded, Tony Two-toes, and associates including his cousin Johnny Casteleone (Robert Pastorelli) helps John Kruger rescues Lee Culen from the terrorists and prevent the EMP rifle shipment from falling into enemy hands. John's crooked boss DeGuerin is wounded at the scene and handed over to the authorities for prosecution.

Later, John learns that DeGuerin and Undersecretary Daniel Harper would likely avoid prosecution, so John arranges a public explosion where he and Lee Cullen are allegedly killed as a bomb explodes their van. Happy to see the key witnesses against them die, DeGuerin and his crony drive away in a limousine, where upon DeGuerin receives a phone call. It is John Kruger who tells his former boss, he has been "erased."

Suddenly, their limo stops on railroad tracks and the doors of the limo lock. Their chauffeur - who happens to be Johnny Casteleone (who was indebted to Kruger for once saving his life) flees the vehicle as a huge locomotive barrels down the tracks and destroys the car and its occupants. John Kruger watches nearby as justice is done.

Erased - Movie Poster

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