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"Feast on this, Motherfucker!"

Evil Dead - Mia kills the demon with chainsaw

Description: Jane Levy as Mia slices a female demon in half with a chainsaw in the horror motion picture Evil Dead (2013). She attacked the demon after it says, "I will feast on your soul."

Mia is a heroin drug-addict. To get control of her addiction, she travels to a remote cabin in the woods and with the help of her three friends (Eric, Olivia, and Natalie) and her estranged brother, David (Shiloh Fernandez), she hopes to clean up her act and live a drug free life.

"Please, you have to get me out of here. You don't understand. There was something in the woods, and I think it's in here with" Mia [to David]

Mia begins her stay by pouring a packet of heroin down a well and then takes up residence in the cabin that she and her friends have used in the past. But as they enter, the place smells horrid. They soon discover dead animals hanging in the basement and evidence of black magic rituals.

Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) finds a package covered in plastic and bound in wire. Curious, he cuts it open and discovers a copy of an ancient book of the dead (A Necronomicon) that is bound in human flesh.

Evil Dead - Message scrawled in the Necronomicon

Eric leafs through the book, but he ignores messages warning him not to read the text. When he reads a series of words outloud, the action summons a demon lying dormant in the nearby woods. The demon works to fulfill a prophecy that requires five souls. According to legend, if the demon can eat the souls of five victims, it can bring on the apocalypse. And so, it begins to possess their bodies.

Evil Dead - Mia chained in the basement

"I released something from that book. Something evil. I think it's attached to Mia's soul like a leech. You are going to have to kill her." Eric [to David]

As the demon begins its reign of terror, it enters Mia, who has been suffering withdrawal pains from her drug addiction. Well, you can guess the rest. One by one her friends are possessed and killed off ("You're all going to die tonight!") as their souls are consumed by the demon who influences them to mutilate their bodies (shower in scolding hot water, cut off an arm with an electric meat slicer, lacerate a mouth and jaw, injure others with a nail gun, crush a head with a heavy object, stab a chest and face with a knife and needle). Even Grandpa (Inca), the family dog was bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

Evil Dead - Olivia mutilates her mouth

Evil Dead - Natalie cuts off her infected arm

Evil Dead - Mia slices her tongue with knife

Believing that burning the book would destroy the evil and thus the demon, Eric places the text in a can and sets it on fire, but the flames refuse to burn the supernatural tome.

Fire will, however, destroy the human host and hence the evil within it, and so to save his sister's soul, David drenches the cabin with gasoline as Mia is trapped in the basement below.

But as he is about to set the cabin on fire, he comes up with another solution. Entering the basement, he tranquilizes his sister, drags her in to the woods and buries her body alive, in hopes of canceling the demon's hold on her (as Eric learned from the Book of the Dead).

When David believes the demon has abandoned her body, he digs her up and zaps her with a makeshift electric current powered by a large battery. She is resurrected but Eric is now possessed and threatens to kill them both. David fires a shotgun at a gasoline can and blows up the cabin killing himself and Eric. But Mia, whom David locked out of the cabin, survives only to be attacked by a demon in female form that rises from the soggy ground.

Evil Dead - Mia holds Chainsaw

As they struggle, Mia cuts off the demon's feet with a chainsaw, but it continues to crawl after her. Tipping over the Jeep with immense supernatural power, the demon pins Mia's arm to the ground, a ground soaked by a bloody rain that began to fall from the night sky.

Fed up with the whole situation, Mia doggedly pulls her arm so hard that she rips off her hand. When the demon crawls toward Mia, and growls "I will feast on your soul," Mia activates the chainsaw, and shouts, "Feast on this, Motherfucker!" The chattering chains chop through the demon's head, and cut its torso in two.

Now destroyed, the demon sinks back into the earth and the bloody rain that was a portents for the Apocalypse ends. Then Mia tucks her wounded arm into her chest and walks into the woods as the morning sun breaks through the trees.

Note: The film Evil Dead (2013) is a reboot of The Evil Dead (1981) originally starring Bruce Campbell. A now much older Campbell makes a cameo during the very end of the screen credits. His face turns to the audience, and says, "Groovy."

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