Black SplatFatal Attraction (1987)

"I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan."

Fatal Attraction - Alex Forrest will not be "ignored"

Description: Glenn Close as Alex Forrest in the motion picture Fatal Attraction(1987).

After happily married New York lawyer Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) has a quick weekend fling with sexy business partner Alex Forrest, he is unhappily surprised to find out that she won’t leave him alone.

“I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan…I won’t let you treat me like some slut you can bang a couple of times and then throw away like a piece of garbage.”

Infuriated at being snubbed, Alex goes on a steady trail of vengeance which includes killing the family’s pet bunny rabbit and leaving it to stew on the stove in Dan’s house.

Fatal Attraction - Alex and Dan fight

Finally, Alex breaks into the Gallagher’s house with murder on her mind. At first, Dan subdues Alex by drowning her in the bathroom tub, but when she emerges screaming from the water, she is finally killed by a handgun shot by Dan’s wife, Beth (Anne Archer).

Note: In the film The Best of Everything (1959) Joan Crawford plays Amanda Farrow, a tough lady editor who tells her inattentive lover (a married man), “I will not be taken for granted. You and your rabbit-faced wife can go to hell.”

Fatal Attraction - Movie Poster

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