Black SplatFive Star Final (1931)

"I am not working here anymore..."

Five Star Final - Randall and Hincheclliffe

Description: Edward G. Robinson as Randall, a newspaper editor in the motion picture Five Star Final (1931).

Randall is the editor of the New York Gazette, a sleazy tabloid whose publisher Hinchecliffe (Oscar Apfel) prints sensationalist stories to sell more papers. Unfortunately, the tabloid's latest story causes the suicide of an elderly couple.

Sick to death at being a co-conspirator in the death of these people, Randall, the city editor at the newspaper confronts his publisher, tells him off, and quits his job in anger over the whole affair.

The entire matter could have been avoided if the publisher had not insisted in reopening the twenty-year-old Vorhees murder case about a woman who shot her lover. At the time, the murder was ruled justifiable but Hinchcliffe, for circulation sake, decides to drag the woman's name though the mud again, even though she has since lived an exemplary life and raised a wonderful daughter whose reputation is now sullied by the allegations from the story.

After the woman pleads with Randall not to run the story for her daughter's sake, she takes poison, as does her remorseful husband when he finds his wife of many years dead.

Randall: What that girl said goes the same for me.
Hinchecliffe: Now Randall, I feel the same as you do. But how could we forsee...
Randall: That we’re a pack of back-stabbing murderers.
Hinchecliffe: YOU go to far. To Far.
Randall: Now you listen to me Hinchecliffe. It will be for the last time. I'm through with your dirty rag and I through with you. Oh I'm not ducking any of the blame for any of this thing. You thought of the murder and I committed it but I did it for smaller wages. You did it for circulation. Mad! Yes, I am. All my life I'll be mad because all my life I'll see Nancy Brewer's daughter standing there and asking me why I killed her mother. And I want you Hinchecliffe to enjoy the picture with me. I want you wake up in the night and see your squashed putrid little soul. I want you to know that every human being that works for you knows what a diseased hypocrite you are. We all know what you are but we take your money and do your work because we are afraid we will starve. You'll have my resignation and release of my contract on your desk immediately .
Hinchecliffe: But Randall...
Randall: Get out.. Get OUT!  [To his secretary] Please sit down and write a formal letter of resignation for me. [Phone rings. The night desk report is on the line] Huh Yeah. Love nest killing. How many dead? Wife shot 'em both then committed suicide. Ha! Ha! Marvelous! Sure, it's a great story. Sure, give it the works, plaster it all over the front page. Get an extra out of it. Say, paint in on the front of the building. Tattoo it on Hinchecliffe's chest. I don’t care what you do it because I'm not working here anymore. No, Hinchecliffe has to get himself a new head butcher. I’ve had ten years of filth and blood. I’m splashed with it, drenched with it! I’ve had all I can stand! Plenty of it! Take your...killings to Hinchecliffe with my compliments! And tell him to shove it up his... [throws telephone and breaks glass in door]

Note: Years later Randall’s “tell him to shove it up his...” sentiments were reflected in a 1970s country song “Take This Job and Shove It” by Johnny Paycheck which inspired the movie of the same name starring Robert Hays.

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