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"We shall bomb Germany..."

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Description: The beginning of a defiant speech delivered by the narrator of the motion picture Flying Fortress (1942). The full narration states:

"We shall bomb Germany by day, as well as by night, in every increasing measure, casting upon them month by month a heavier discharge of bombs and making the German people taste and gulp each month a sharper dose of the miseries they have showered upon mankind. Once underway, our attack will be relentless. We will smash Cologne, Essen, Emden, Bremerhaven, Kiel, Danzig, building with increasing fury towards the day when we shall visit upon Berlin itself the complete destruction to which our preliminary raids have been but a prelude, that great day when we will strike with devastation and unconquerable strength at the detested enemy of all the free people of the earth."

The film follows the exploits of two pilots James "Jim" Spence Jr. (Richard Greene) and William "Sky" Kelly (Donald Stewart) as the evil machinations of World War II are about to embroil both of them in the fray.

Spence come from a affluent background, while Kelly is your average sort of guy. Before the war, Spence hired Kelly to pilot a plane wherein Spence is performing trick flying stunts. When the plane crashes, Kelly is blamed for the mishap, and consequently, he loses his license and the two men part their ways for a time.

As the war approaches, both Spence and Kelly use their aviation skills to support the impending confrontation with Germany. Spence hires out to fly B-17 fortresses across the Atlantic to Great Britain while Kelly becomes a flight trainer, a little detail that Spence learns when he come upon Kelly instructing a group of RAF pilots. After they resolve their differences via fisticuffs, Spence and Kelly befriend each other.

Soon Spence hooks up with a reporter named Sydney (Carla Lehmann) who turns out to be Kelly's sister and Kelly meets Lady DeBorah "Debbie" Ottershaw (Betty Stockfeld) who happens to be the sister of British Wing Cmdr. Lord "Squeakum" Ottershaw (Sidney King). Meanwhile, Spence and Kelly return to Canada and after pilot training in the Canadian Air Force, they return to London.

As their romances blossom, Spence and Kelly are called to do their duty by flying a mission against the Nazis. Their target: destroy a power plant in Berlin. Saying their farewells to Sydney and Debbie, Spence and Kelly fly away to protect the world from tyranny.

"Come along with these super dreadnoughts of the sky as they wing their way to glory. Come along from an American assembly line, across the perilous Atlantic with the intrepid Ferry Command to a secret airfield somewhere in England. Now with a thrill-swept motion picture you'll meet these captain's of the clouds and the women they leave behind them as they thunder into the heavens on an heroic mission. For the first time, you will see these fighting monarchs of the sky in pulse-pounding combat." - Movie Trailer Narrator

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