Black SplatFootlight Parade (1933)

"You scram, before I wrap a chair around your neck!"

Footlight Parade - Joan Blondell and Claire Dodd argue

Description: Joan Blondell as stenographer Nan Prescott gives Vivian Rich (Claire Todd) the 23 skidoo in the motion picture Footlight Parade (1933).

Nan is in love with her boss, Chester Kent (James Cagney) but when she discovers her golddigging roommate Vivian Rich has eyes for Mr. Hunt, Nan loses her temper and throws Vivian out of her flat. When Vivian says, "It's three o'clock in the morning - where do you want me to go?" Nan replies, "Outside, countess. As long as they've got sidewalks YOU'VE got a job." Nan then gives Vivian a swift kick in the rump, and slams the door behind her.

Footlight Parade - Chester Kent talks with his theater company

The film follows Chester Kent, the producer of short musical numbers called "prologues" that are performed in movie theaters before the featured films are show. After learning that his ideas are being stolen by a competitor, Kent locks down his production to prevent leaks and forbids his staff (dancers, singers, technicians) to leave the set until they produce three prologues. The numbers included "Honeymoon Hotel", "Shanghai Lil" and "By the Waterfall."

Chester Kent: Hello, Vivian. This is Miss Rich. My secretary, Miss Prescott.
Nan Prescott: I know Miss Bi...Rich, if you remember.

As the productions is underway, Chester Kent realizes that Vivian Rich is not the woman he thought she was and decides to call it quits. Vivian insists, "You said you'd marry me and you're going to marry me!" When she threatens to sue Kent for breach of promise, he replies, "I'd rather you sue me than marry me." Vivian is later found in a compromising romantic situation with censor Charlie Bowers (Hugh Herbert), and so she is now totally out of the picture.

In the end, with the help of his secretary Nan, Chester Kent produces the three needed prologues which are quickly purchased by George Apolinaris (Paul Porcasi), the owner of a chain of movie theaters. With success in hand, Chester asks Nan to marry him. The End.

Footlight Parade - Movie Poster

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