Black SplatFour Rooms (1995)

"I could go on and on about his cock, his bone, his knob..."

Four Rooms - Angela recites a list of words for a penis

Description: Jennifer Beals as Angela, a guest at the Mon Signor Hotel in Hollywood on New Year's Eve that can’t stop talking about the various names for her friends “huge” penis in the motion picture Four Rooms (1995). Her full comments on the subject:

“I could go on and on about his cock, his bone, his knob, his bishop, wang, thang, rod, hot rod, hump mobile, oscar, dong, dagger, banana, cucumber, salami, sausage, kielbassa, schlong, dink, tool, big ben, Mr. Happy, Peter Pecker, pee-pee, wee-wee, wiener, pisser, pistol, piston joint, hose, horn, middle leg, third leg, meat, stick, joystick, dipstick, one-eyed wonder, junior, little head, little guy, rumple foreskin, tootsie roll, love muscle, skin flute, roto-rooter, snake, hammer, rammer, spammer, bazooka, rubber, chubby, sticky, stubby, schmeck, schmuck, schvantze, ying-yang, yang...”

Serving the requests of Angela and other guests at the aging Mon Signor Hotel is Ted the Bellhop (Tim Roth) who will soon have the wildest night of his life, as he babysits the kid of a scary Mexican gangster, is invited to make love to a coven of witches in the Honeymoon Suite, deals with the rotting corpse of a dead whore stuck in the springs of the bed, and has a "big fucking gun" shoved in his face by an angry guest who suspects Ted is having an affair with his wife.

"We used to have Fifty on staff here. Fifty! I'm the only one left. It all comes down to one schmuck, me. The night shift bellhop. What the hell is that, a bellhop? Huh, what is that? You know where the name comes from? Huh? From someone stupid! Some schmuck rings and bell and ya hop, you hop front and center."

Note: The tagline for movie reads: "Twelve outrageous guests. Four scandalous requests. And one lone bellhop, in the first day on the job, who's in for the wildest New Year's of his life."

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