Black SplatFoxy Brown (1974)

"Death is too easy for you, bitch. I want you to suffer."

Foxy Brown - Foxy's last words to Katherine Wall

Description: Pam Grier as vigilante Foxy Brown speaking to drug kinpin Katherine Wall (Kathryn Loder) in the motion picture Foxy Brown (1974).

Foxy Brown is a sexy sister who loves her boyfriend, Michael Anderson (Terry Carter), a former government undercover operative. Michael wants to lay low and begin a new life and so to protect himself he fakes his death and has his face altered with plastic surgery to elude detection from his enemies.

To stay busy, Michael considers joining the local neighborhood protection association, but questions their methods of running drug dealers out of town. "Vigilante justice? I don't know," says Michael. To which Foxy replies, "It's as American as apple pie!"

Unfortunately, Foxy's brother, Link Brown (Antonio Fargas), a drug dealer who owes the mob $20,000, blows the whistle on Michael's disguise hoping to square his debt with them. His betrayal gets Michael killed and his sister bent on revenge.

To retaliate for Michael's murder, Foxy Brown infiltrates a high-class call girl ring run by Katherine Wall (Katyryn Loder), who provides the finest girls for congressman, and judges. She provides the protection for the drug pushers.

When Link learns that Foxy is targeting Katherine Wall, he warns., "Don't you go messing with her, baby, she's dangerous." But Foxy is on a mission to bring that bitch down and when Link fails to give her the information she needs, she tells her brother in no uncertain terms, "Now I only got so much control, and you'd better tell me who they are, or I'm liable to put one of these between your eyes, no matter what mama'd say." Foxy shoots her brother in the ear for informing on her boyfirend.

Dawes: What do you really want?
Foxy: Justice.
Dawes: For who, your brother?
Foxy: And why not? It could be your brother too, or your sister, or your children. I want justice for all of them. And I want justice for all the people whose lives are bought and sold, so that a few big shots can climb up on their backs, and laugh at the law, and laugh at human decency. But most of all, I want justice for a man, this man had love in his heart, and he died because he went out of his neighborhood to do what he thought was right.
Dawes: Sister, I think what you're looking for is revenge.
Foxy: You just handle the justice, and I'll handle the revenge myself.

To humiliate a city official, Foxy leaves a high-profile judge in public with his pants down, saying, "You pink-ass corrupt honky judge, take your little wet noodle outta here and if you see a man anywhere send him in because I do need a MAN!"

While in a lesbian bar, a tough dyke named Bobbie (Jeannie Eppers) threatens, “Listen skinny, before you start talking tough, I'd better warn you I've got a black belt in karate. So why don't you get out of here quietly, while you still got some teeth left in that ugly face?" Foxy hits her opponent with a chair, and says, “I've got MY black belt in barstools!”

“The only way to deal with a drug dealer is with a bullet to the gut.”

At the conclusion of her hunt for Katherine Wall, Foxy cuts off the penis of Wall's right hand man, Steve Elias (Peter Brown), kills two of her henchmen, and then shoots Katherine in the arm.

When Katherine asks, "Why didn't you kill me too? Well go on and shoot! I don't want to live anymore! Foxy Brown snarls, "I know. That's the idea. The rest of your man is still around, and I hope you two live a long time, then maybe you can feel some of what I feel. Death is too easy for you, bitch. I want you to SUFFER."

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NOTE: In the movie Double Jeopardy (1999), Ashley Judd as Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons says, "I don't want to kill you, Nick, I just want you to suffer."

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