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"Give it up, Vacendak. You couldn't catch a cold. You couldn't catch the clap in a whorehouse!"

Freejack (1992) - Alex escapes in stolen vehicle

Description: Emilio Estevez as Alex Furlong fleeing from a futuristic bounty hunter (Mick Jagger) in the motion picture Freejack (1992). Later, during a TV interview, an inebriated Alex grabs the microphone and tells Vacendak, "Fuck you, asshole! No one's bringing me in."

"Alex Furlong is about to die. And enter the year 2009. Where immortality is only a heartbeat away. Where money can buy anything. Including life itself. Lose your mind and live forever...FREEJACK" - Movie Trailer

In the future, money can buy immortality. When New York City billionaire Ian McCandless (Anthony Hopkins) is dying, he deposits his mind into a huge database. They he recruits "bonejackers" (time travel techs who target and retrieve people from the past to the future of 2009) to find the body of Alex Furlong, a race car driver who died in a crash in 1991.

Freejack - Futuristic readout on Alex Furlong

Why Alex? Well, Ian McCandless is in love with Julie Redlund (Rene Russo), his executive secretary, but she is not in love with Ian. So to have his cake and eat it too, he hires bonjackers to snatch Alex Furlong (Julie's fiancé) a split-second before his death, and then instructs a team of mind transfer experts to download his mind into Furlong's body. Viola! Now, Ian has a young strong body that looks like the man Julie once loved.

Well, the plan fails. As Alex Furlong's body arrives in the future and is prepared for the mind transfer, the convoy carrying his body is attacked. Alex escapes and rushes to the apartment of his former friend for help.

Instead of assisting his old buddy, he betrays Alex for a huge reward and tells the bonejackers, lead by Victor Vacendak where Alex can be found, which is a local diner. Alex has been labeled a "Freejack" - someone who escapes from the bonejackers.

Freejack (1992) - Surly diner customer threatens Alex

"You keep looking at me, you’ll see me kill you." Diner customer [to Alex Furlong]

As the bonejackers surge into the restaurant, Alex flees, steals a motorcycle and finds his way to the apartment of his old flame Julie Redlund (Rene Russo). But Julie calls security because she fails to believe Alex's story.

Once again, Alex is on the run, but eventually he convinces his former fiancée that he is the real McCoy. But that doesn't stop the bonejackers from trying to retrieve Alex for Ian McCandless.

Freejack (1992) - Victor Vacendak pursues Alex Furlong

"Box him in and run him down, but be gentle... I want him WITHOUT A SCRATCH." - Victor Vacendak

Meanwhile, Michelette (Jonathan Banks), the ambitious V.P of Mac Corp. is doing everything he can to find and kill Alex Furlong. With Alex out of the way, he can assume the mantle of power at the corporation and control McCandless empire. The V.P. goes as far as slap the face of a nun (Amanda Plummer) who had earlier assisted Alex Furlong evade the authorities. Not your ordinary religious, the nun kicks Michelette in the groin, and says, "The Good Lord always says to turn the other cheek...But he never had to deal with dickheads like you."

Freejack (1992) - McCandless transfers his mind into Alex's body

In the end, it is Alex Furlong who has the last laugh. Although forced to undergo the mind transfer, the process is interrupted when Julie fires a gun at the computer crystal controlling the mind dump.

"You don't need a new body, you need a new soul, and your machine can't give you that!" - Alex [to McCandless]

Alex pretends that the mind transfer is a success and begins to act like Ian McCandless but the V.P. insists he prove he is really McCandless by entering Ian's personal access computer code. Victor Vacendak is there to verify the numbers, and he acknowledges the number are correct. This infuriates Michelette, who pulls out a gun to kill Ian (Alex), but Vacendak's bonejacker crew shoot and kill the V.P.

Believing all is well, Alex and Julie leave in a vintage Rolls Royce, but they are stopped a short while later by Vacendak who has blockaded the road. Approaching the car, he reveals that he "lied" to the V.P. and that Alex had provided the wrong access code number. He also reveals that Alex made a big mistake because McCandless could not drive a car. Then he tells Julie "you'll have to coach him better than that" and lets them leave.

Victor had become fond of Furlong ("I don't make a lot of friends in this business"), and considering Alex had previously saved Victor's life in a firefight when Michelette's private security attacked them, he decided to let Alex keep control of McCandless' empire. After all, Victor got paid in full for bringing Alex into the future and there would be always be another body to "bonejack."

Freejack (1992) - Movie Poster

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